Violet Affleck: Preschool In Pigtails

Violet is back at school! Jennifer Garner was spotted dropping off her 3 1/2-year-old daughter Violet at preschool in Santa Monica on Wednesday (July 1). Violet looked adorable with pigtails in her long hair. No sign of little sister, 5 1/2-month-old Seraphina.

The Garfelcks must be back from their stay in Boston. The family of four were staying in Ben’s hometown while he filmed The Company Men.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Jen looks great!! Looks like she has lost all of her baby weight from Seraphina. Violet is just adorable as ever!

  2. Anonymous

    violet is adorable. since when is there preschool in july though ?

  3. ivy

    Anonymous #2, sometimes kids go to school in the summer as well as the rest of the year. it’s been happening for quite some tme now, they call it ‘summer school’.

  4. SarahC

    Violet seems like such a happy girl. She’s always smiling and hopping around. That’s a good thing to see nowadays. (especially in Hollywood) (:

  5. Violet is wearing a monkey tee from our organic kids clothing line, Scout, and we think she looks absolutely adorable in it!

  6. Maybe

    This kid always looks disheveled and she’s got the worst wardrobe; her clothes never match.

  7. MomE

    Oh my goodness! Violet has gotten so big! When did that happen?! 🙂

    She’s such an adorable girl. She has the face of a doll!

    To the preschool comment. My daughter goes to a daycare center that has a preschool program. It’s an everyday all day thing. So she goes to preschool everyday. Also, as another poster said, it could be a summer school program.

  8. MomE


    Commenting that a child looks disheveled! WHAT?! Children are supposed to look disheveled. What are you supposed to do with them. Hold them down until they look perfect and then tie them down so they don’t play and get messy?!
    “Disheveled” children are happy, playful children! Sheesh! What an odd comment!

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