Elisabeth Hasselback To Launch Maternity Line For Football Moms

Who better than Elisabeth Hasselback to promote a line of t-shirts for football-loving moms-to-be?

As a former athletic shoe designer and the wife of onetime NFL quarterback Tim Hasselback, The View co-host and mother of two (with a third on the way even as you read) knows exactly what lady football fans want during their third trimester. Forget those “Baby on Board” t’s and the frilly, empire waisted Bohemian numbers. What pig-skin wielding mamas really need is something with a little more oomph. Something that says: “Kicker” or “Fan Pending.”

“The NFL has a tremendous amount of female fans,” Elisabeth told WWD. “Watching a game can be a real family bonding experience, and I can tell you that the women behind the games are truly the most intense of the fans.”

The shirts, both long- and short-sleeve, will retail for $15 to $17.50 and will be put out by Reebok in the fall of 2010 — just in time for football season.

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