Tried, Tested & True: Z. Daisy Pacifier Bungee!

I have spent countless times both half-alseep, or in the car, or just around the house searching high and low for a pacifier that has either been chucked across the room or magically disappeared. I never would have thought that such a simple item, priced under $20.00 could bring such a sigh of relief to my life! Z. Daisy, a company run by two moms, Brooke Collins and Lorri Zander has come out with an amazing line of Binkie Bungees™, (Pacifier Clips) that will perfectly suit any style pacifier!

The twist on this product that caught my eye is that one of the clips is a perfect match for the all natural soother, Natursutten (see previous review,) and is available in organic cotton! When I received the product, something else immediately impressed me with the company, recycled cardboard was used for the packaging, and it turns out, all of the packaging is made from old cereal boxes, what a great way for a company to lessen their carbon footprint.

The bungee is cleverly designed with a smooth rounded end, which completely protects the actual “clip” itself, so you won’t have to worry about baby being able to play with that part. One thing is for sure, it is a strong clip, because as my 1 year old son tugged and pulled away at the whole bungee, it did not give out! Not only that, but he seems pretty happy to have his soother close by, and I feel relieved to not have to search for it anymore. Definitely recommend a Z Daisy Binkie Bungee™!

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Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? Organic Cotton, Keeps pacifier close by
Dislikes? None
Price: $16.00
Where To Find: Z. Daisy

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