The Crawford-Gerbers Are California Cool

What a gorgeous family! Cindy Crawford and her husband of 11 years Rande Gerber were spotted on their way to dinner at LA’s Nobu restaurant last night with their kids Kaia, 7 1/2, and Presley.

Belated birthday wishes to Presley, who celebrated his 10th birthday on July 2!

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Photo credit: Splash News


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  1. ^-^

    her daughter doesn’t dress her age.. or act it as a matter of fact!

  2. Anonymous

    Most beautiful boy ever.

  3. Anonymous

    well, she doesn’t look 7 1/2 either. she looks around 12-13 to me!

  4. Anonymous

    To the first commenter, how would you know how she acts? Do you know them personally (“meeting” them obviously doesn’t count as knowing)?

    “As a matter of fact” Kaia plays soccer in the summer as does Presley. What else are 7 year olds supposed to do?

  5. Kay

    Judging by the pictures, I guess it “can” look like she tries to act a bit lady like. Their was also controversy about that her daughter wearing makeup in the past..shouldn’t that be a judgment..of I guess trying to act older than her age? So I can see where the first commenter is coming from..

  6. Anonymous

    Fair enough, but the amount of children who wear make up and bikinis is not something you’d count on one hand.

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