Gianluigi Buffon & Family Are Sunday Cyclers

Footballer Gianluigi Buffon enjoyed a Sunday cycle in Forte dei Marmi, Italy yesterday with his girlfriend Alena Seredova and their 19-month-old son Luis Thomas.

The Juventus goalkeeper and his model girlfriend are currently expecting their second baby. Alena raised a few eyebrows during her first pregnancy when she hit the runway with her bare baby bump on full display!

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Tazina

    No head protection for the little boy? Lame

  2. melanie1983

    does anyone know what the ‘gian’ stands for in a name? i’ve often wondered since my husband has friends named gianluca and giancarlo.

  3. Anonymous

    Gian is a different spelling of the name Jon.

  4. sammy

    Tazina, it’s not like they are going fast enough for the kid to fall off the bike. The boy seems like he’s in good hands considering the dad is holding on tightly..

  5. Anna

    I don’t know them but cute photos. I believe the majority of people in the world don’t wear bike helmets, just because it’s the law in the US doesn’t automatically make it needed.

  6. nosoupforyou

    Ok, Sammy. What if someone else is not going slow…then what happens?

    I guess if we hold the steering wheel real tight and go slow in the car, a kid doesn’t need a car seat either.

  7. Anonymous

    “Gian” stands for Giovanni.

  8. Anonymous

    oh get over yourself, the child is in brilliant hands. They’re in Forte dei Marmi, a holiday town in Italy – not New York.

  9. Anonymous

    well you should always put a helmet on a child. Common sense, there’s no reason to debate it.
    accidents happen even in Italian holiday towns, with careful parents.
    And I’m not American, so has nothing to do with what the law is overthere.

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