Kendra Wilkinson Plans On Being A Strict Christian Mother

Kendra Wilkinson and her new Husband Hank Baskett are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child. According to Fox News, the former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner said earlier this year that Hank was helping her find god and that she is determined to be a strict religious mother.

Kendra says that their children will definitely be Christian, with her husband adding that they are going to be “very strict” parents yet still “spoil” their kids when appropriate.

Hank explains: “But they are going to have to earn it, we’re not just going to hand it to them. Most importantly, they have to keep good grades because school comes first and then everything else after that. Being a father is something I’ve always wanted and something Kendra and I have talked about from the time we met, we’re just truly excited and truly blessed to be becoming parents very soon. We pretty much fell in love right away and when you ask someone to marry you that means you really want them to be the woman in charge of your family, the person to be your teammate in raising the child.”

The soon-to-be parents won’t know the sex of the baby for a few weeks, but have already chosen names.

“If it’s a boy Hank the 4th and if it’s a girl Arianna, we love Arianna,” says Kendra. “I’m feeling so good, I’m in my 2nd trimester now at 14 weeks and I’m feeling like a whole new person, I feel great.

The couple were married last month at the Playboy Mansion.

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  • Sanja

    ROLF! and again ROLF! That’s all I have to say….

  • Anonymous

    So does beinga strick christian mother mean no playboy for her kid if its a girl? kind of laughable. She is a cute girl and seems to be sweet but its kind funny this article.

  • sammy

    Ok let me try to make some sense out of this. She lived in the playboy mansion for FIVE years..didn’t move out too long ago..gets married and preggers and NOW is thinking about being a strict christian mama?? Um ok that makes sense..

  • melanie1983

    remember that God forgives and it’s good that she is finally finding Him. hopefully she is serious and will stick with it!

  • Anonymous

    In response to the title (haven’t read the article) is she for real? I doubt it, I mean hello she was a Playboy.

  • Anonymous

    It’s obvious that this man is good for her and has changed her quite a lot. That is a positive thing. Yes, she modeled for the magazine but she could have done far worse.
    I, personally, feel that they will be very good parents. Congrats to them both.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, I just HAVE to comment on you saying this man has changed her in a positive way. They conceived a baby out of wedlock! Great influence!

  • carolyn

    Hank seems like a great guy

  • Jenny

    Great article!!! 😉

  • isabel

    the baby not even born. yet Kendra and hank are setting strict limit.the way Kendra been living her life is no way a Christan should lived.

  • Jess

    It’s official: Kendra Wilkinson now owes me a new keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, maybe Kendra’s mother should have been stricter with her growing up!

    Kendra is by no means a model Christian!

  • Anonymous

    Kendra is going to be strict and her daughter will rebel against mom’s rules the same way Kendra did. Remember how our mothers always threatened us with that old refrain, ‘just wait until you have your own kids then you’ll see what I went through’.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hmm. She gets pregnant out of wedlock…not to mention she lived with a man she wasn’t married to & it was at the playboy mansion no less…and now she wants to be a strict christian? She hasn’t known Hank very long. And when she inevitably gets divorced then I suppose she will be a christian too?!

  • Dea

    I call it Madonna’s syndrome (the singer not the saint). Look at her past history (sex book, controversial lifestyle etc) and now look at the way she brings up her about strict/disciplinarian to borderline controlling. Its like she is trying to compensate her past behavior by handling her children differently.

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