The Spelling-McDermotts: Gone Fishin’

Tori Spelling was seen fishing at a Malibu beach with her husband Dean McDermott, their children Liam, 2, and Stella, 1, and Dean’s 11-year-old son Jack on Sunday (July 5). The family managed to reel in a couple fish.

Best-selling author of sTORI Telling and Mommywood, Tori recently revealed that she’s putting the finishing touches on her first children’s book. “I just wrote an illustrated children’s book. It’s going to be launching in about a year, but I just finished the text.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Lioness

    Okay, she’s gotta be hot in those Uggs, lol

  • Julita

    that is just ridiculous to were these booths in the beach, she wants to look cool and fashinable but she just looks ridiculous

  • melanie1983

    boots usually do say ‘beach’ right? lol

  • Ann710

    Well at least she won’t get any sand between her toes!! I hate sand it’s way to much work getting clean. I love Liam’s hair….

  • couture

    whenever i see pictures of her and her kids, i can really see such love. she’s a great mother!

  • Tazina

    You’re not wearing the Uggs. She is. Who cares! Those are such adorable children. Nice family.

    • Anonymous

      No, we’re not the idiot wearing uggs to the beach, she is. This whole scene is a photo op so you’ll have to excuse us if we do exactly what she wanted us to do, which is talk about her and the kids.

  • sammy

    No matter what people say about this women.. I consider her a classy one! She doesn’t put too much weight on her shoulders (not to mention she has a good set on her). She lets nothing get in her way. Love watching her show. Kids are beyond adorable.

    • Anonymous

      If you consider a woman who steals another woman’s husband classy, you are SICK! He has a son who is now watching his father on T.V. with a new family. I bet They (the son and ex-wife) do not think Tori is classy. It is just sad.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised she is able to hold both of those kids without breaking off a limb!

  • Sally

    What is Liam wearing?! It seems so ‘fashion faux-pas’ for Tori and her kids!

  • Anonymous

    omg, it must be freezing in Malibu.
    Ice fishing.

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