Britney Spears & Her Boat Boys

Prior to their trip overseas, Britney Spears was seen treating her two boys, Sean Preston, 3 1/2, and Jayden James, 2 1/2, to a fun day on the water. The pop star first, along with some friends and the boys, headed out on a yacht in Marina Del Rey for a fun boat ride. Next stop was a trip to Fred Segal in Santa Monica, where the group did a little shopping. Jayden and Sean both got blowup guitars before heading home for the day.

The 27-year-old pop princess is in Europe on her “Circus” tour. The mother of two is currently on a 2-day break and is set to hit the stage again in Antwerp, Belgium on Thursday night (July 9).

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  1. Julia Gulia

    A pacifier at 2 1/2! REALLY!? Come on Britney! Take it away already!

  2. Mike

    My cousin had a pacifier more longer than this boy, and he’s just fine, so stop with “Oh god what an horrible mother, she let her kid with a pacifier!!”

  3. LaLa

    Forget the pacifier, why in the world is Sean Preston still wearing diapers at 3 1/2??????

  4. Anonymous

    Those are pull-ups. It’s not so easy to potty train a boy. I am ok with the pull-ups NOT the pacifier… it is not good for learning how to talk.

  5. Dea

    I agree with anonymous, boys are a little tougher to train. My 2.5 year old son is almost potty trained now (only wear the pull ups when he sleeps) but previously its like 1 step forward 2 step cant hurry or force a child. When they are ready, they will do it without struggle!

  6. Anonymous

    It’s pretty sad that Preston is still not potty trained, but otherwise; they are on tour with her now so they have not a stability place to learn how to be potty trained.
    I’m pretty sure that he’s out diapers really soon when Britney is done with her tour.

    And about the pacificier, I agree that Jayden doesn’t need a dummy anymore.
    He’s three in 8 weeks!
    I think it’s just Britney who still wants him to be a baby, he’s her youngest and they grow up so fast. I think she feels sorry that he’s almost three and no baby anymore. Jayden doesn’t have a dummy when he’s with Kevin so it’s just Britney who wants to have her son a dummy in her mounth.

    I can’t get over it why she always carries Jayden, no Preston. I know he’s almost 4, but they are only a year apart and they are at the same height!
    Jayden is such a mommy’s boy, but also Britney LEARNS him to be a mommy’s boy. When she hid him from the world, it was only Preston for her. Since Jayden sees the world too, it’s only him who’s in Brit’s arms.
    I feel sorry for little Preston. He needs attention from mommy too!

    But after this, they will always be very very adorable babies <3

  7. Kyra

    Sean Preston is just so cute and I feel sorry for him that he gets no attention from his mommy. Daddy is all over him, Mommy is all over little Jayden.
    Jayden needs to be more independant from his mommy, he’s too atteched to her. Britney doesn’t need Jayden in her arms all the time, when Jayden walks near Kevin or Victoria he’s also very fine. He even seems happier when he can walk on his own and not being carried all the time.
    There will be a day that Jayden is too big to be carried by Britney herself.
    They both need more freedom with walking and stuff. They are no babies anymore!
    Preston seriously wants to walk, look at the videos of them in the Hyde Park in London; Preston does everything to get out the arms of the nanny. He wants to walk on his own OR if he will to be carry, I’m sure he will by mommy.

    Feel sorry for that little poor guy that only his brother Jayden gets all attention from Mom 🙁

  8. Kyra

    I just noticed that Jayden, when he has no pacificier, will hold his two fingers in his month. He probaly wants to have something in his mounth lol

  9. Thank you for articles 😀 Britney forever

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