The Federlines Frolick Around France

The Federline brothers are on the move! Kevin Federline, girlfriend Victoria Prince, the nanny along with Sean Preston, 3 1/2, and Jayden James, 2 1/2, were seen frolicking through the streets of Paris, France on Tuesday (July 7). After some fun with dad and Victoria, the boys returned to their hotel to be greeted by their mother Britney Spears.

The day before, Kevin and Victoria were seen leaving the theater with the boys after watching Ice Age 3 in the Bercy District. The foursome were just seen on July 4th strolling the romantic streets of Paris.

Britney is currently in Europe on her “Circus” tour and is reportedly paying her ex-husband $4,000 a week to keep her boys close.

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  • mig99

    What cute boys! Did I miss some news about Kevin? He’s looking very different these days.

  • alexa kaelyn

    adorable little boys.

  • melanie1983

    jeez louisa, kevin should be added to the pregnancy poll, lol! cute ctue boysss

    • tovlfvy

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  • Abby

    Melanie, you took the words right out of my mouth. Did he used to be a stick?!

    • Abby

      Oops, meant to say didnt, not did.

  • LaLa

    Kevin got very fat and sloppy looking. Here’s a guy living off Britney’s money, he has no job and he lives off the fat of the land. What would that girl want with him but I guess it’s always about the mighty dollar.

  • Anonymous

    do these kids ever grow?


    Here we have billionaires ex wives living off of their exes and why should they
    They should get a job and support themselves.. right is that what this comment page is saying get rid of child support and ailmony give the men
    a break from PAYING their spouses too.. He is doing a good job of being
    a parent to his kids and it makes Brit happy to know that her kids are well
    taken care of .. who says that he is being paid millions for being a fun loving dad ..

  • Julita

    Kevin is sooo faaaaaaat

  • Julita

    i mean as for a DANCER who was skinny not a long time ago

  • Ker

    lol…… he looked MUCH better back in the…!

  • Anonymous

    OMG – I had to do a double take at the sight of KFed. He really let himself go… That’s too bad — He wasn’t that bad looking not that long ago.

  • Kyra

    They deffinantly grow, watch them one year ago!
    Preston is just so tiny, love that little guy <3

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