Laetitia Casta: Bella Baby Bump

Bella! A very pregnant Laetitia Casta was seen spending the day happily splashing around and playing in the sand at the Castiglione della Pescaia’s beach in Tuscany, Italy with her fiance Stefano Accorsi’s parents and her children Sahteene Sednaoui, 7 1/2, and Orlando Accorsi, 2 1/2, on Thursday (July 9). Sahteene’s father is ex-boyfriend Stéphane Sednaoui.

The 31-year-old French model and actress was the official face of L’Oréal, Dior, and Chanel. She has been featured in Guess? Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Miu Miu and XOXO ad campaigns. The French beauty has appeared on over 100 magazine covers including Victoria’s Secret catalogs, ELLE magazine, and Vogue magazine. Casta has also appeared in three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, Rolling Stone, and a Pirelli Calendar. She is now the face of Ralph Lauren’s newest fragrance, Notorious.

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  • Jan

    Gawd, that is gross. Really, she should wear a one-piece bathing suit at this stage. The world doesn’t need to see that.

  • Rinoa

    Really? I think she looks beautiful! Nothing gross about a pregnant woman.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks beautiful. Pregnancy isn’t something to be ashamed of or kept hidden. It’s only for a short amount of time and should be embraced. If she was out there covered in stretch marks or huge all over, then that may be a different story. She’s proud and wants to show it off. She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    and I don´t know about you Jan,but I live in the 21st century.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with jan. ewww! i mean, i’m all for bathing suits when your pregant, but geez, this is going too far!

  • Ker

    It’s a beautiful thing to show off her belly&all, but NOT that far into a pregnancy in my opinion..

  • Janie

    That is disgusting!

  • Émilie

    So immature of saying the word disgusting for describing the belly of a pregnant woman. That’s a thing that a 12 year old would say, not a grown woman.

    French women are proud of their bodies, pregnant or not. Deal with it.

  • Dea

    What’s so gross about it? I am in my 8th month and had worn bikinis on the beach, even in Asia and nobody stares or make mean comments. It’s natural and not every pregnant woman can fit in a one piece. I say, bikini mamas, more power to you!

  • Anonymous

    i have no problem with a pregnant woman in a bikini, but i just remember when i was pregnant i had the instinctive need to protect my baby/the bump, and i would have just felt way too exposed in a bikini (even though i realize that a little bit of cloth wouldn’t really protect my baby at all! lol)

  • Anonymous

    She looks lovely and looks better than 99% of the fat (non pregnant!)women on the beach near me.
    Maybe you should look at yourself in a bikini before you say things about this lovely lady.

  • Anonymous

    ^ anonymous you are 10000000% right! Go to the beach and you will find tons of non pregnant women wearing a bikini lookign much worse than her!
    Émilie is right, it’s so childish to call a pregnant woman in a bikini disgusting.. if you wouldn’t wear one during your pregnancy, fine! But don’t call other people disgusting because they don’t share your opinion

  • Anonymous

    She looks absolutely beautiful, the sexiest woman on the beach by far! I am male, and I totally cannot stop looking at her…

  • carolyn


  • Anonymous


  • Pencils

    I think she looks great. She doesn’t even have any stretch marks!

    Why would a pregnant belly disgust anyone? She’s a mom, about to have a baby, it’s a beautiful thing. You people need to grow up.

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