Matthew Fox & Family: When In Rome…

Any Lost fans out there? Matthew Fox, who plays Dr. Jack Shephard on the hit ABC show, was spotted doing some sightseeing in Rome, Italy yesterday with his wife Margherita, their 8-year-old son Byron and his mom.

The group took in several of the city’s attractions, including the spectacular Colosseum.

The Fox family, which also includes 11-year-old daughter Kyle, have been splitting their time between Hawaii and LA while Matthew films Lost, but he says they’ll relocate to Oregon once the show wraps up next year.

“I have a lot of family there now,” Matthew told Good Morning America earlier this year. “My brothers have kids, and we’ve been talking for ten years about living closer to each other so that our kids can have good first cousin relationships.”

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Photo credit: Splash News


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  1. Anonymous

    That woman in the black is his WIFE?!?! Wow. I’m um, surprised. She looks a lot like Shelly Duval in Popeye.

  2. Rinoa

    I love Matthew Fox! So nice to see his family.

  3. melanie1983

    Aw that is soo cute! the whole moving to oregon thing, adorable!!!!

  4. Janie

    Is that his wife or his great, great grandmother?!

  5. Anonymous

    Just clicked onto the picture of his wife (with the long hair).

    Wow, she is nothing like I expected – and that is not a good thing!

  6. Anonymous

    Maybe that’s just a bad angle in the picture or something. I’ve seen other pictures of his wife and she’s very pretty.

  7. Jamyrrhe Barthelemy

    That is not his wife you guys. This may be his mother or his childrens’ nanny. His wife is Margherita Ronchi Fox and she does not look like that nor is she close to that age.

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