Alessandra & Jamie’s Brentwood Baby

Alessandra Ambrosio and her fiancé, California businessman Jamie Mazur, were all-smiles with their daughter Anja, who turns 1 next month, in Brentwood on Saturday (July 11).

The 28-year-old Brazilian model talked about where she will raise Anja: “I’m going to raise her both places. Half Brazil and half American, that’s how it goes. In Brazil, there’s this thing where people are really happy. Whatever they go through in life, they’re really happy, and that’s one thing I want her to feel like. Here in America, people are very professional. They’re serious, and that’s another thing I want her to have.”

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Cari

    @ Anonymous 10:56

    You got the second part of your question right, it *is* just you. You’re the ugly one.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say that she’s ugly, but I definitely don’t think she’s a cute baby either! She’ll probably become very pretty when she gets older though.

  • cat vomit

    yeah she is a homely baby but i bet she will grow into her looks and be a cutie in a few years!

  • Anonymous

    i agree…not a cute baby. her mom could of looked like that as a baby so who knows

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