Carnie & Lola’s Lunch Date

Carnie Wilson and her eldest daughter Lola, 4, enjoyed some one-on-one time yesterday, meeting a friend for lunch in Beverly Hills. How cute is Lola with her little purse?

Carnie’s family recently grew by one: She and her husband Rob Bonfiglio welcomed their second daughter Luciana Bella last month.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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Nice outfit…but her daughter looks heavier than kids her age usually are. Oh no! Adorable child hopefully mom has her eating healthfully.


Sad to see that the little girl is already heavy. This is when the eating patterns get set; screw it up now and she will fight this forever just like Mom.


anonymous, you seem to have a thing for posting stuff like that on every Carnie & Lola thread. She looks like a normal 4-year-old to me, and while I’m not saying she shouldn’t watch what she eats from the beginning, if the tendency to be heavy is already in her genes, what do you expect, that little girl looking stick-thin?


Actually, I’ve never posted anything about Carnie or Lola. This would be my first comment about them and I stand by it. Genetics is a powerful thing and I think she has a better chance of not being obese like her mother if she gets off to a better start. (Perhaps you have me confused with the other 1,000 posters who just use the standard anonymous screenname because they can’t be bothered to come up with a different one for a website they comment on maybe twice a month.)


I really hope that she doesn’t allow her daughter to become obese like her. I hate seeing children take after their parents in that respect. I mean just because the mother is fat doesn’t mean the kids should be fat too. The parents really need to think more about their kids well being and not allow them to become fat and unhealthy like they themselves.