Gretchen & Ptolemy’s Greenwich Village Stroll

Gretchen Mol and her 22-month-old son Ptolemy John were spotted out for an evening stroll in Greenwich Village, NY after having dinner with a friend yesterday.

Ptolemy is the only child for the 36-year-old Life On Mars star and her husband, director Kip Williams.

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Photo credit: Asadorian-Mejia/Splash

  • Vajjjj

    sheesh he looks EXACTLY like her.

    • Anonymous

      The only difference being that her parents didn’t give her a crazy ass name.

      • Vajjjj

        Ptolemy isn’t that crazy and Gretchen isn’t that typical.

  • melanie1983

    what a gorgeoussss child! look at those eyes wow!

  • Sage

    I don’t know why but he looks like a well behaved child. the type to sleep through the night.

  • Dana

    He looks just like her! Cute, cute!

  • anne

    One word: angelic.

  • Dea

    cute kid and I love her in Life on Mars! but how do you pronounce “Ptolemy” and what origin is it?

  • Anonymous

    It’s ‘TOL-E-Mee’ and it is Greek in origin.:)

    He has lovely expressive eyes. too

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