Constance Zimmer: “Motherhood Has Calmed Me Down”

Constance Zimmer plays the no-nonsense business executive, Dana Gordon, in HBO’s hit show Entourage. In real life, Constance’s lead role is mom to 1 1/2-year-old Colette Zoe. The 38-year-old busy mom sat down for an exclusive interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop to discuss how motherhood has changed her for the better, her hopes and dreams for Colette, her plans for marriage “one day,” and her upcoming projects on the big and small screen.

CBS: You are mom to 1 1/2-year-old Colette Zoe. How has motherhood changed you?

CZ: “It’s actually calmed me down. I don’t worry about the little things anymore, Colette keeps me centered and focused on the things that are more important in life.”

CBS: What is your favorite part of motherhood?

CZ: “There are a lot of favorites; here’s a list of a few: Hearing her speak her first words, her laughter, her eyes when she discovers something new that she hasn’t seen before and the look on her face when she eats a new food. I also love when she falls asleep on me.”

CBS: Most challenging part of motherhood?

CZ: “Being at my best for her every day, even when I’m having a bad day, because she can’t understand that yet and I wouldn’t want her to think it was anything that she did.”

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CBS: How did you and your partner, Russ Lamoureux, meet?

CZ: “Russ and I were set up through a mutual friend that felt we were perfect for each other…it only took us a week to agree with her.”

CBS: Any plans to get married?

CZ: “I’m pretty sure we’ll get married one day, but we’re not in a rush. Neither of us are going anywhere, we’re a family and a piece of paper won’t make or break us.”

CBS: How do your disciplining style vary?

CZ: “Our disciplining style is very similar; we take everyday as it comes. We’re new to parenting and don’t pretend to know everything. Colette is teaching us and we’re leading her down the path to a happy, simple, supportive life.”

CBS: You are part of the wildly popular TV show Entourage. That must be such a fun set to work on. Give us a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes. Do you take Colette on the set with you?

CZ: “The set of Entourage is fun, but I rarely get to go and do the really fun scenes amidst the LA scene, because Dana Gordon tends to always be in her office (on a set or sometimes at Culver Studios). I brought Colette to the set once and the boys melted and at the same time could not believe I was walking around with a baby. It seemed to them like it all happened so fast. As far as behind the scenes….well I hate to say it but they’re all really great guys in my book and we just have fun (when we’re all in the same scene) talking about our lives and how their lives are so much more exciting than mine and it still blows them away that I’m a MOM!”

CBS: Do you have nannies?

CZ: “I have one nanny who has been with us since Colette was 1 week old. She’s amazing and I feel so grateful to have her and I think Colette would say the same thing.”

CBS: Do you want Colette in show business? Do you want her to go to college?

CZ: “I will support Colette in whatever she wants to do in her life. I was very fortunate to have parents that stood behind me when I said I wanted to be an actress and I am grateful that they were so supportive even though everyone knows what a tough business it is. I did not go to college, because I wanted to get started in my career ASAP, so if she feels the same way I can’t argue with her.”

CBS: What do you think about the cycle of paparazzi taking pictures of you and your family, to popular Web sites like ours, to the homes of your fans?

CZ: “I’m grateful that I don’t get hounded by the paparazzi. For the most part they are courteous because I don’t think I could handle the other. I try and keep my private time private and not put myself into situations where photographers might be. It’s a part of what we do so you have to expect it a little bit. As long as I’m aware of, the times when there will be photos taken, I feel like I’m in control of what is then put into print or onto websites.”

CBS: We hear you’re crafty. Tell us about some of your homemade projects.

CZ: “When I had more time I did fill the spaces with making jewelry and cards and candles. I don’t have as much time anymore, but I can’t wait ’til Colette is old enough and we can do crafts together. I still take photographs as a hobby and have taken some headshots for friends and that was fun.”

CBS: What other projects are you currently working on or would like to discuss?

CZ: “I just finished a few things: shot a pilot for ABC, did 2 episodes of The New Adventures of Old Christine along with an episode of Cupid and Pushing Daisies. I have an independent movie that I did a few months ago hopefully coming out soon called Demoted, but other than that, I’m hoping to get back on a show full time. I’m also a partner in a clothing store called The House of Petro Zillia, so in my down time I like to stop in there and check out the latest fashions and make sure I’m not missing anything.”

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