Kendra Wilkinson’s First Kick!

Kendra Wilkinson, fresh from her St. Lucia honeymoon with new husband Hank Baskett, tells that she felt her baby kick for the first time Monday.

“It was so crazy,” says Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend, “I was just sitting there and then all of a sudden, ‘Bam!’ I was like, ‘That wasn’t gas!’”

“I got really excited even though it felt weird,” says Kendra, “I was like, ‘Oh my God, something’s in there! It’s healthy!’ Hank is in Phoenix, and I called him right away and was like, ‘I just felt it kick for the first time.’ I just researched on the Internet if you can feel it kick this early. I’m four months and one week right now, and it said I can, so it’s crazy!”

Wilkinson says that overall she is “feeling good” and that they will be finding out the sex of the baby in about two weeks with the 24-year-old mom to be speculating, “I still think it’s a boy.”

In the interview, Wilkinson also dished on her new role; wife: “It’s exactly the same [as before we wed]. We loved each other before and we love each other now. I think a wedding was nothing but a celebration of our love.”

Kendra and Hank, who were married June 27 at the Playboy mansion, expect their first child on Christmas day.

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Who is she?


i can’t wait to see kendra and hank’s baby they are my fav. famous couple!!!


They are famous? What do they do?


So guess anyone whose job was showing their tatas or whats not in Playboy can be famous now?