Lorenzo Lamas Takes A Walk With His Girls

Lorenzo Lamas, 51, walks hand in hand with daughters Victoria, 10, and Alexandra Lynne, 11 1/2, as they make their way to a friend’s house in Los Angeles. Mom is Shauna Sand, Lorenzo’s ex-wife. Their youngest daughter, Isabella, 8, was not present.

The actor is best known for his role as Lance Cumson on the 1980s soap opera Falcon Crest and more recently on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Photo credit: Fame


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  1. Anonymous

    Um so news is that his son from another marriage had an affair with his now ex Shauna Sand. Pretty gross..

  2. Anonymous

    You have some errors by the way.. The older one on the left is Alexandra (who’s 11 1/2), middle one is Victoria (who’s 10), and the younger one is NOT present in these pictures is Isabella (who’s 8).

  3. Hannah

    Well in Shauna’s case – anything is possible. She doesn’t set a very good example for herself or her children.

  4. Anna

    They seem pretty trashy but the children always look like children and seem ok.

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