Roger Federer Talks Diaper Duty

With his big Wimbledon win behind him, tennis champ Roger Federer is ready to tackle fatherhood.

Roger and his wife Mirka are expecting their first baby next month, and while he may be a whiz with a racket, he admits he needs a few pointers when it comes to Daddy duty.

“I’ve not yet changed a nappy, I’ve been saving myself,” he says. “I have to practise. I have to go and ask for some advice from some people. Tiger Woods and I spoke about it a bit. He said it would be fine, but exciting, different. It’s good and nice.”

Though he knows life will change once he’s a father, (“Maybe I’ll get up earlier for practice, do things a bit different and not be so crazy as a professional,” he says) tennis fans needn’t worry: Roger’s competitive streak remains firmly intact.

“I can’t just be at home for the next six months. Mirka wouldn’t let me. She wants to see me play and I want to be with her on the tour instead of just sitting at home. That is not life for me.”

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I love how Mirka went for comfort over style for her footwear lol so many other celebs wear heels so late into their pregnancy i just think it’s crazy


Well, she did just spend 4 hours in the Sun watching Roger win Wimbledon by a margin. I bet that even if she had other shoes picked out, her feet were too swollen to fit. I know mine were when I was 8 months pregnant.