Introducing Luciana Bella Bonfiglio!

What a little cutie! Carnie Wilson and hubby Rob Bonfiglio sat down with Life & Style to discuss the arrival of their 4-week-old daughter, Luciana ‘Luci’ Bella Bonfiglio.

Well known for her struggles with weight, the 41-year-old Wilson Phillips songstress who once had gastric bypass surgery, says Baby Luci was more than worth the 60 pounds she gained while expecting. Also mom to 4-year-old Lola Sofia, Carnie opens up about knowing if it’s postpartum depression again, her weight loss goals and if she and Rob plan for baby boy Bonfiglio.

On gaining weight during pregnancy: “People gain weight when they have a baby, and someone like me, I gain more weight than I want to. I’m not hiding that. I’m not ashamed of that.”

On baby Luci: “She’s just a few weeks old but a very good baby.”

On co-parenting in these early months: “Rob can help change diapers and help with some bottle- feedings, but he’s kind of leaving it up to me. For the first month, it really is ‘mommy time,’ and Rob lies low. After that, the baby’s not as fragile.”

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On watching for the signs of postpartum depression: “If the baby cries, she’s either hungry or has gas or a wet diaper, and that’s it. It changes every month, and I just know that so far it’s been a lot easier on my mind.”

On already losing 25 pounds, but wanting to lose another 35: “Now I think I’m reaching a point where it’s slowed down and the hard work is going to come in. My goal is to be somewhere between 150 and 160 pounds.”

On having another baby: “I’d love to have a boy, but I’m not going to do it again. I can’t predict the future, of course, but right now, no. I see my family as complete now.”

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  • Desiree

    What a cute little babe!

  • Non judgmental

    Thats really mean Holly, everyone is entitled to an opinion but i know for a fact that sometimes you are just heavier bc of your genes and not because of what you eat. Get real why would u talk about children that way.

  • Jenny

    I just deleted Holly’s statement. Harsh and cruel statements about a person’s weight are not welcome here.

  • Anonymous

    Love the way she doesn’t trust the hubby with the kid because newborns are so fragile. Does she think he doesn’t know that? That comment would piss me off pretty good if I were him.

  • EM

    i do not mean this to be mean in any way- but does her old daughter have down syndrome? it almost looks it in the face.. could be a bad angle though.. thoughts?

  • Dea

    @EM: I think it’s just a bad angle. I saw some pics of her daughter and she looks fine. It’s great that she admits of gaining too much weight for the pregnancy rather than denying it.

  • Laura

    I agree EM.
    Something is off with her face??
    I wonder….

  • cat vomit

    shes really lucky to have two healthy babies after being so heavy and going through gastric bypass

  • Audrey

    I’m always amazed that some people will think that any child that isn’t “round” eyed must have Down Syndrome.

    Don’t forget Down Syndrome is a condition not a curse.

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