Bummis Organic Cotton Kit – Cloth Diapering From Scratch

Not very long ago cloth diapers were a thing of the past. Thanks to companies like Montreal, Canada based Bummis, cloth diapers have made a comeback in a huge way. Bummis, who have been making cloth diapering simple for parents for 15 years, have come out with a great new product, the Organic Cotton Diaper Kit. This amazing kit contains organic cotton prefolds, wraps, flushable and reusable liners, a wet bag, Canadian-made Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm, and a comprehensible user guide.

Bummis wraps along with prefolds were my very first introduction to cloth diapering many years back. They are super simple to use, and are definitely an economical and environmentally responsible choice for parents looking to cut back on costs and lessen their ecological footprint. Visit Bummis here to learn more today.

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  1. ivy

    we use cloth diapers! not prefolds, but we use this brand of covers, they’re great!

  2. UmmSelma

    We use pre-folds and LOVE them. I recommend using cloth diapers, so much better for you baby, and so much better for the environment!!! It is so much easier then I ever thought it would be.

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