Denise Richards And Her Little Ladies

Denise Richards spent the day out with her two daughters, Sam Sheen, 5, and Lola Rose Sheen, 4. The trio was out and about the Cross Creek shopping center in Malibu, California.

The reality TV star mom recently spoke out about having her girls on the show with her: “They’re on for a minute here and there,” she tells Momlogic. “The show isn’t about them. I get to incorporate them into the show – which means I can take them to school as a part of my job. How many single working moms can say that?”

In the wake of the Jon & Kate Plus Eight phenomenon, Denise has to deal with her share of criticism with allowing her children to appear on television: “Everyone is so judgmental,” she says. “The bottom line is, I’m not exploiting my children.”

Denise’s reality show, It’s Complicated, is currently airing on E! in its second season.

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  • anne

    Enjoying the sculpture behind them in the main photo! That other trio in the shot turned an otherwise typical Denise-and-girls pic into something kinda cute/amusing . . .

  • Vivien Leigh

    WOW! What is happening to this family? Does she not care that her kids … just never look happy cause they never smile? Does she even know or is she blind? I hope that someway the things can change…somehow…

  • Anonymous

    i think they kids are FINE, they just seem to appear unhappy when you got a bunch of paps flashing in their faces!

  • cat vomit

    on her reality show they seem cheerful and normal
    im sure when they are in their home environment they are more comfortable and happy

  • Audrey

    The kids appear to be trying to avoid looking at the photographer. I bet they are happy little girls who just dislike strangers running in front of them, poking cameras in their faces and generally interrupting their time and space with family and friends. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t smile for the paps either.

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of celeb children get annoyed with the paparazzi who can many times be too aggressive.

  • Anonymous

    Those kids are so miserable. I feel sad everytime I see them. She is obviously tipping off the paps to where she will be and when. Were suppose to see her out and about being a great Mom all the time. Funny how Charlie doesn’t use them for every photo op, and he spend a lot of time with them too. Poor little girls.

  • Amanda

    I don’t get the big fuss, you barely see her kids on camere for more than two or three minutes at a time. I’ve watched both seasons of the show and I don’t remembering seeing the kids in more than a couple episodes and I barely saw them for a full two minutes most of the time when they were shown. A lot of other celebs such a Kimora Simmons have her children on her show ALL the time, Rev Run everytime I turn his show on two or three of his kids are on camera constantly and his oldest two have their own show. So many celebs with tv shows have their kids on them and no one says a word about it but Denise has her kids on camera for a minute or two and every flips out. Think about it people. Why complain about her but not Rev Run or Kimora? Or the many other celebs with reality shows that show their kids? Everyone is being a bit contradictory.

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