Larry Birkhead’s Beverly Hills Beauty

She’s getting so big! Larry Birkhead, the former boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith, was spotted having a fun day with their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Dannielynn Hope at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills on Saturday (July 18). Larry was seen pushing his adorable daughter on the swings, applying sunscreen to her arms and keeping her shoes on her feet at the popular playground to the stars.

Larry revealed that being a single father to Dannielynn has completely changed his perspective on life: “I’m so paranoid medically with what we’ve been through. If she has a sniffle: straight to the doctors. Anna had a fever when she passed away.” The 36-year-old father of one also revealed his desire to have more children one day, “I want to have another child. It would be tough for me to do right now, but in a couple of years, definitely.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Awww, I’ve missed seeinh her! So adorable, Larry seems like a good dad.

  2. Jan

    She is without a doubt the most BEAUTIFUL child I have ever seen. Absolutely perfect….. like a little china doll!! Larry is doing such a wonderful job with her. I look forward to continuing to watch her grow and mature. Good job, Larry!!

  3. janie

    So cute! glad to see her so happy!

  4. momto3

    she is BEAUTIFUL and my FAV celebrity baby , she is a doll Larry looks like a great dad … BEAUTIFUL like her mommy !!! we love u dannielynn

  5. Anonymous

    Anna had a fever when she passed away? Still parroting the stern bs, brickhead? Really sweet of you to have stern and Dr Death at her first birthday party.

  6. melanie1983

    it’s about time! look at that beauty!!

  7. cat vomit

    havent seen her in so long she is so beautiful looks just like her mother.
    he seems like a very good daddy

  8. Anonymous

    I thought he had moved away to his hometown so they wouldn’t be in the press, yet there he is in Beverly Hills parading that child around. He also goes on the gossip shows and lets them video tape her. I guess it’s easier to make money by using your daughter than actually getting a job. He was a paparazzo after all when he met Anna.

  9. Macie

    They are a beautiful little family! What a gorgeous little girl, like, unbelievably gorgeous!

  10. stop exploitation

    Larry Birkhead doesn’t have a job, he’s exploiting little girl, selling her pictures to tabloids. Is she next JonBenet Ramsey?

  11. Ava

    I want to know where he got that outfit from. Anyone know the maker? I love it.

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