Leslie Mann & Family Are Funny People

Leslie Mann and writer-director-producer hubby Judd Apatow rocked the red carpet with their two adorable daughters, Maude, 11, and Iris, 6, at the World Premiere of Funny People held at the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood on Monday (July 20). The Apatow sisters appear in dad’s latest flick alongside mom, just as they did in dad’s mega-hit Knocked Up (which also stars their mother). Leslie and Judd met on the set of the 1996 comedy The Cable Guy, which Apatow produced.

Starring alongside Leslie in Funny People is fellow celeb parent, Adam Sandler. Leslie recalls the first time she met Sadie and Sunny’s daddy,

“I actually met Adam before I met Judd,” the 37-year-old Knocked Up actress said. “He hit on me in a night club. He sent over a note on a napkin written in ketchup like ‘nice back’ or something like that. His friend brought it over and said, ‘Hey, want to come over and say hi to my friend?’ And I was like, ‘Why should I get up and go to his table? Why doesn’t he come to my table?’ It was like a stand-off. We didn’t talk to each other. Then, a couple of months later, I met Judd and we went to a birthday party and Adam was there so it was a little uncomfortable. It was awkward between Adam and I for the night. Ketchup man.”

Funny People, which Apatow directed, produced and wrote, opens on July 31 and stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana and Jonah Hill. Can’t wait to see it!

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  • Heidi

    She’s hilarious… Can’t wait to see the movie 😉

  • cat vomit


  • anne

    Mr. and Mrs. are hilarious and talented (one of these days, maybe with this film, Leslie will get the appreciation she deserves as an actress). And their daughters are adorable (though I have a wee quibble with the completely unnecessary twinsie ringlets here, haha.)

  • jamie

    cute girls!! love their curly hair!

  • Ceemee

    Their hair is natuarlly curly like that I don’t think that

  • anne

    It’s the twinsiness, not the natural-curliness, I have that teeny quibble with. I’ve never seen them with matching hair before, that’s all. Just an idle, weightless comment (but perhaps revealing, haha: our mother matched up my younger sister and me a few too many times when we were young ~ ).

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I love them both (apatow and leslie) but Adam is married now and his wife might get irritated by a public ‘hey this guy hit on me once’ even if the story is funny (which i think it is.. good for her for not getting up! Seriously:)
    Even though it was before Adam met his wife i could see her getting annoyed. Maybe i worry too much about that sort of thing, lol.

  • Jane

    adorable girls!

  • melanie1983

    oh my they’ve gotten soo big! they’re so pretty and i just loove leslie, she’s hilarious!

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