Angie Everhart Counts Down To Baby Day

With just a week to go until the big day, model mom-to-be Angie Everhart says she is ready to meet her baby boy, who she’s already named Kayden Bobby.

There’ll be no waiting around for her son’s arrival – due to a back injury, Angie has a c-section scheduled.

“Would I have preferred to deliver naturally? Of course,” she tells People. “But it’s not an option for me.”

Not only is Angie, 39, about to become a first-time-mom, but she’ll be doing it on her own. Saying that the baby’s father is a “good friend,” she reveals that she’ll be raising her son as a single mom. It’s sure to be a lot of work, but Angie seems to be taking it all in stride. Well… almost!

“I’m not nervous,” Angie insists, before adding, “The only time I got shaky was when my girlfriends gave me a stroller and I’m standing behind it thinking, ‘There’ll soon be a human in there that’s coming out of me!’ ”

For now she’s just anxious to meet her little guy, whose “safari rock ‘n roll” themed nursery – featuring a mural of a giraffe wearing headphones and a monkey playing a Van Halen guitar – is ready and waiting for him. “I was never one for pastels,” Angie laughingly admits.

Best of luck to Angie as her big day approaches!

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am i the only one who thinks the trend of names is kind of cheesy- Cayden, (or with a K), Jayden, or jordyn (huh? a y?) , Bradyn, Braden, etc.. bla bla…I love names that think out of the box but ugh.
At least she gets to have a child without worrying her clock ran out, so good luck to her!


Atleast it’s a normal name. Some of the celeb baby names are awful or you can’t even pronounce them. I don’t mind this name, though.