Kelly Rutherford & Hermés: Picnic @ The Beach

Kelly Rutherford was photographed with her 2 1/2-year-old son, Hermés Giersch, heading to a Malibu Beach for a picnic on Sunday (July 26).

The day before, Kelly was seen with her estranged husband, Daniel Giersch, and Hermés in Los Angeles. The 40-year-old Gossip Girl star, who just gave birth to their second child, Helena Grace, on June 8, made the tough decision to file for divorce from Daniel when she was just three months pregnant. Kelly recently stated that she is not afraid to raise her two children on her own:

“A lot of great men, presidents even, were raised [only] by their mother under those conditions. The most important thing is that the children have love and stability in their lives, whether that comes from a mother or a father. [Alone], I can raise them to be much more peaceful.”

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  • Anonymous

    Blah, blah, blah! I am so sick and tired of hearing this woman complaining.

    She must have been a real witch to live with!

  • Jen

    She needs to shut her big fat mouth.

    Plenty of people are divorced.

    She is truthfully NOT a single parent. Those kids have a dad that I am sure will be involved in their lives. She sounds very bitter!

  • Peta

    Why can’t anyone split without airing everything to the press? Does the world need to hear all this?

  • cat vomit

    his sandals make him look like a girl

  • Anonymous

    Her soon to be ex-husband must be so glad he is not with her anymore. She is miserable!

    People get divorced every day – deal with it!

  • Anonymous

    Eww at all the vitriolic comments. I don’t particularly like her or her ex- I think they overshare. That said, I understand why she’s miserable- she’s getting a divorce and her ex wants to take the kids! I’m pretty sure you would be miserable too given the circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    If she is so miserable then she needs to keep it to herself!

    Why is she blabbing all of her dirty laundry to the press?

    Time to move on with your life honey!

  • Anna

    She needs to stop talking. She is not a single mom, it sounds like she just wants her husband to go away and never see his children again.

  • Amie

    I used to like her but after this mess she seems like a major control freak. It’s her way or no way and I agree with Anna about how it seems like she just wants her ex to go away. I bet it makes her mental that he has the “nerve” to want to be a part of their kids lives. Suck it up sweetie and zip it.

  • Tracie

    He is coo cute. Stop hating, shes just trying to protect her kids.

  • LDNmama

    Yes she sounds bitter. But to be honest, the only thing I could think of after seeing this picture is … wow how can she wear that dress with a 2 month old? Is she still leaking? How does she lift up that dress to feed the infant?

  • CHYC

    he is very cute and adorable. We don’t know the details when it comes to their differences, if she seems bitter over the divorce, it is only natural. I’m sure she wants the best for her child, so why would she want to push the father away unless it was for a legitimate reason? People are too quick to judge a celebrity, she can talk about her life all she wants, personally i wouldn’t, but if you don’t like it- you can easily avoid it, just skip over her blog entires, very simple.

  • Nicky

    Why people hate hermes? He have kind heart and adrobel face

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