Mariska Hargitay: August Is “Mr. Please and Thank You”

Actress Mariska Hargitay’s 3-year-old son August is already quite the little gentleman. The Law & Order: SVU star boasts that she’s very proud of her well-mannered boy.

“My son made me look really good when two people told me he said ‘excuse me, would you be so kind…’,” Mariska tells OK! . “He’s very polite, and that makes me very proud. He’s Mr. Please and Thank You. That’s important to me.”

As a mom, an actress and the founder of Joyful Heart, an organization that aims to empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, Mariska serves as an inspirational role model to many. So who does the 45-year-old star most admire? The First Lady.

“I love her,” Mariska says of Michelle Obama. “I admire her so much. She is intelligent and elegant and graceful and generous and compassionate and maternal and strong.”

Mariska and her adorable son August are seen here earlier this month.

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  • Anonymous

    He’s still wearing diapers?

  • Also Anonymous

    Wow, Anonymous … what a bitchy thing to say!
    Feel better now?

    Re-read the article. It is all about proper manners.
    Get some.

    • Moore

      really? cause that looked like a question. Good manners though. You’re really doing so much better with your own comment.

  • milla

    LMAO Also Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    haven’t you all heard of ten year olds that still use pacifiers? Why don’t you all argue and cuss about that?

    • Anonymous

      Cuss? What is this the deep south? Who says that, really? “I’m fixin’ to cuss !” lol

  • LaLa

    Violet Affleck is going on 4 and still craps in her diapers.

  • Anonymous

    he just turned 3…give the poor kid a break!! maybe they’re pull ups!!

  • Jazzy

    Yeah really i mean i have a 3 year old cousin who’s wearing pull ups. its really not that big of a deal.

  • Sage

    “would you be so kind” aww what an angel!

  • Anonymous

    They are pull ups. My son has them too.

  • Anonymous

    Also Anonymous- your pretentious comment was just as bad as the previous one you attacked.

  • ?

    Beautiful little boy!

  • Anonymous

    He looks so much like her!

  • Dea

    Here we go again with the diaper hang-ups. What’s up with that? every kid’s development is different. When they are READY, they will be ready! no matter how much we try to potty train them, if they arent ready you cant make them.

  • Francesca

    My daughter was potty trained at 2 and I take absolutely NO credit for it. The school had a potty training “boot-camp”…had it been up to me, she would probably still be in Pull-ups at 3. My friend’s daughter on the other hand is 5 and still in Pull-ups. Kids kind of go at their own pace and you never know if there is a medical problem associated with potty training delays. My niece’s bladder was growing at a faster rate than the rest of her body so she wet the bed all the time…all that said, I thinks it’s unfair to judge without knowing the situation…and honestly, it’s really no one’s business unless you’re the one changing him. LOL!

  • Shoeaddict

    I love her. August is beautiful, too.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right Dea. There’s a truly gorgeous child!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen this picture before, so I don’t even know if August is actually 3 in it, but, alas, judging by the kids I’ve babysat and nannied for, 3 is a very normal age to still be working on potty training. Also, if August was on set for a couple hours, or out and about, he may not have access to a kiddie potty, so perhaps the pull-up is just a precautionary measure so as not to embarrass the little dude with a wet spot if he had an accident.

    Also, diapers are a man-made phenomenon. Many people think that they actually confuse the young mind, which would otherwise be in tune to its waste needs much earlier. Read about a movement (no pun intended) called Elimination Control. These babies basically start potty training at birth, and are pretty independent with it by 18 months.

  • Anonymous

    Here, I’ll save you a google. This seems like a good article about Elimination Control/Communication:

  • andreita

    Beautiful little boy

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