Shauna Sand & Daughters Hit The Beach

Life’s a beach for Shauna Sand and her daughters Alexandra Lynne, 11, Victoria, 10, and Isabella, 8. The foursome were spotted enjoying the sunshine in Malibu yesterday.

Not exactly known for her low-key style, the 37-year-old former Playboy model once again made a splash in a tiny bikini and sky high stilettos. Check out those heels!

Last week Victoria and Alexandra were seen out and about in LA with their dad, Shauna’s ex, actor Lorenzo Lamas.

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Photo credit: GSI


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  1. LaLa

    What is she trying to prove other than looking like a prostitute?

  2. Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly LaLa!! This woman is just trashy looking! I would be so embarrased if she were my mother!

  3. Janie

    She does not look human!

    She is a loser!

    I feel sorry for her daughters having her as a role model!

  4. cat vomit

    i wore those exact same shoes to the beach yesterday!!! because you know they are so practical for the beach!

  5. Julita

    those shoes are so ridiculous. especially to wear them to the beach with your kids

  6. Dana

    What a nice example she is setting for her daughters! Ridiculous!

  7. Waffles

    I wish my body looked like that after a bunch of kids…

  8. Tif

    her daughters already look embarassed to be seen with her

  9. Dea

    Oh those poor girls!

  10. Anonymous

    Ummmm…..okay. What a role model those girls have in their mother!

  11. Anonymous

    She should save money on the heels. She’ll need it for the kids’ psychotherapy. They must be humiliated.

  12. Laura

    I’m embarrassed just looking at her! I can’t imagine how shameful it is to have a mother who dresses like THAT! Those poor little girls!!!
    Shauna is going to have SERIOUS foot problems when she is an older lady.

  13. Cords

    I would be soooo embarrassed if she was my mother. Why does she always look like that trashy, nasty, and smutty…and don’t get me started on those dang 50 inch heel hooker shoes she is always wearing does this woman own any flat shoes at all?!?!?! Does she not understand that she is a mother, what happened to being a role model for your children…I mean really!

    She like Pamela Anderson needs to grow the heck up!

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