Candace Cameron: “I Love Being A Young Mom”

Candace Cameron has a “full house” of her own these days! The 33-year-old actress and her hockey player husband Valeri Bure are parents to kids Natasha, almost 11, Lev, 9, and Maksim, 7. Along with her hectic home life, Candace is back to work, starring in the ABC Family show, Make It Or Break It. The busy mom recently took time out to chat to Cookie magazine about a few of her favorite “mom moments.”

On her favorite family ritual: “I have a few—reading books together (I always find some reason to use a British accent), making up bedtime stories, and being beach bums in the summertime.”

On her most frazzled mom moment: “Boarding an airplane on my own when I was 6 months pregnant, trying to keep track of my 1 1/2-year-old and my 3-year-old, and carrying car seats, luggage, and pushing a stroller. No one offered to help, and the airline was no use. I was crying by the time I sat in my seat.”

On being a young mom: “Even though I was married at 20 years old and had my first baby at 22, I feel like I lived a whole lot of life before that. Both my husband and I were ready to have a family right away. I love being a young mom and taking my kids everywhere with me. I’m blessed to say my kids have traveled all over the world, and we’ve never brought someone along to help with them. It puts my obsession with etiquette books to good use! I also get to see the world through young eyes and do things I might not otherwise because of it.”

On a typical Bure family Saturday: “ Nine a.m. hockey practice for the boys or a 40-minute family workout session—they do everything my husband and I do! Then it’s all about the kids—tennis, swimming, lunch, more sports, and dinner. It’s basically about how we can tire them out!”

On what she learned from her own mom: “ Showing an attitude of gratitude throughout your day that is reflected by the little things you do. My mom brought cookies to every taping of every show I did to say thank you for having us. It sometimes felt silly at the time, but now I understand. My mom always taught us to never take anything for granted even if you earned it, and to show your gratitude toward others for it. I’m trying to continue that legacy in my own life and teach my children.”

On “coddle vs cry it out:” “I let them cry it out—no wavering! But if I had a baby now, in my 30s, I would probably coddle more.”

Candace and her husband Valeri are seen here together at last summer’s Swing Vote premiere.

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She’s a breath of fresh air.


I was also 20 when I got married and 22 when I had my first child. It’s nice to see someone who “made it” when there are so many other young celebs getting married and having kids and then divorcing two years later. I always loved Full House as a kid (Stephanie was my favorite, and unfortunately Jodi Sweetin became one of those young moms/wives in the latter cateogory).


Definitely a breath of fresh air!! Her family sounds great


She is so sweet. So many memories of watching Full House with my son who is now 19 years old.


She turned out lovely, good for her!


Well considering I detest Full House, I think she is super sweet. I am pregnant with my first and will be 23 with I deliver (possible 24 if the baby is 4 or more days late) and I get tons of crap for being a young mom. From strangers and family members. I found what she said on being a young mom refreshing and honest.


she’s great! love her


Great interview. She seems so down-to-earth.


I’m just curious… isn’t her full name Candace Cameron Bure now? Semantics.


Candace! 😀 I like her character on her new show: no nonsense. I imagine she’s firm but fair with her own children as well.

Jessica A

She seemed to escape the stigma of child actors and seems refreshingly normal, happy, and, of course, beautiful. Thanks for a nice post about her.


Her husband owns a family wine company now..he does not play hockey any
more.. she was being interviewed on t.v..