Kevin Federline Talks Britney & Reality TV

In the midst of so many nasty Hollywood splits, Kevin Federline reports that he and his ex-wife Britney Spears have managed to stay on good terms.

In an interview set to air tonight on E!, Kevin says of their relationship, “It’s been really cordial, you know, thank God. We’ve had our rough patches, but you know, right now, we’re doing great.”

The pair separated in 2006 after 2 years of marriage, but seem to have found a way to get along for the sake of their boys Sean Preston, 3 1/2, and Jayden James, 2 1/2. Kevin even joined the Toxic singer on her current Circus world tour so that she could spend time with the kids in between shows.

Formerly a back-up dancer, these days Kevin is better known as the ex-Mr. Britney Spears. But he says he’s not too concerned with what people think of him.

“They know what they’re told…. I mean, as long as I know who I am, and my kids know who Daddy is and love Daddy. At the end of the day, nothing else really matters, you know.”

We may soon get a chance to know Kevin a bit better: Word is he’s in talks to star in a new reality show. Though he didn’t confirm the rumor he’s headed for the small screen, he didn’t exactly deny it, either.

“Speculation is speculation,” he says. “But whenever it comes time to release the information, you know of what we’re doing, I’ll let everybody know.”

Would you be interested in a reality show starring Kevin Federline?

Kevin is seen here earlier this month with his boys Sean and Jayden and his girlfriend Victoria Prince.

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  • natz

    He’s put on SO MUCH weight!!

  • Dea

    Never! I am so turned off by all these useless reality TV shows (kate & jon/the duggars/octomom) and now this?? who is he other than being an ex of somebody famous? is this how America has become?

  • Tazina

    Well he’s certainly looking fat and content living off Britney’s money. Not working is a great way to lead a stress free life.

  • Peta

    Would I be interested in watching his, or any, ‘reality’ show? No. My real life doesn’t suck enough for that.

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