Tried, Tested & True: The iPhone 3GS, Mom’s Best Friend

Like most moms these days, my list of daily activities and responsibilities is a long one. I have many jobs, and wear many different hats which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Luckily for me, the iPhone has saved the day. I was contemplating between a Blackberry and an iPhone, as both have easily accessible email, but the iPhone won for many reasons. The built in iPod (which I had not yet owned,) the high quality browser capability, and the option to use it as an internet connection if necessary were the main reasons that I knew that the iPhone 3GS was the right option for me.

When I first began using my new phone, I was shocked at the different options and ease of use. The touch screen is probably my favorite feature making it very easy to scroll around and type! Another great thing about the iPhone, which holds true for Apple computers as well, they are very simplified. PC users may disagree, but I find Apple products straightforward, very user-friendly, and if you have used an Apple computer, there is no learning curve whatsoever! There is an iTunes app where you can download songs and they head directly to the iPod feature. It is so nice to have everything you need in one device.

The iPhone really does live up to it’s reputation, it is an amazing piece of technology. There are many great application as well that you can download, many for free, and others for a minimal charge. The applications vary, but cover all bases. In the palm of my hand I have the weather forecast, my email, Google Maps for driving directions, a calculator, my grocery list, and educational games for my boys to distract them while waiting at an appointment. I could go on and on about the endless possibilities with an iPhone, but I am sure you get the picture.

I also wanted to make mention of my initial concern with a device that has internet capabilities; the monthly fee associated. Surprisingly, here in Canada, the iPhone makes “iPhone Bundles” which make it easy to pick a very reasonably priced plan which gives you ample minutes for phone use, as well as a large amount of room to search the internet. I did have to sign a contract to get a deal on the phone, but I believe the $199CAD charge was worth it, particularly since now I do not have to purchase a separate iPod.

I highly recommend this amazing product! The iPhone is a must for mulitaskers such as myself, and I can honestly say that it has given me the structure that I require to stay organized, since I am heavily reliant on lists, and now everything I need is at the tip of my fingers anytime I need it. The iPhone is jam packed with features, and I certainly have not figured it all out yet, but every new feature I discover leaves me more impressed!

Rating out of 10: 10
Would you recommend? YES!
Likes: Easy to use, everything you need in one place
Dislikes: None
Price: $199 (3 yr contract)
Where to find: via AT&T in the US or Rogers in Canada

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