Aoki Lee Simmons Puts On A Show

Aoki Lee Simmons posed for pics at yesterday’s Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s 12th annual Super Saturday in New York alongside her sister Ming Lee, dad Russell Simmons and his girlfriend, model Julie Henderson.

While Ming, 9 1/2, seemed a bit camera shy, Aoki, who turns 7 this month, happily hammed it up for the photographers. She looks like quite the little performer!

Ming and Aoki’s mom is Russell’s ex, Phat Fashions Director Kimora Lee Simmons.

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Photo credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

  • melanie1983

    aoki is so bossy and mean on kimora’s show! can’t blame her though, that’s how she was raised.

  • anne


  • Peta

    Ming looks uncomfortable in that first picture. It could just be a bad shot at a bad time, but I wonder if she wasn’t feeling well that day.

    Aoki certainly has enough camera-love for the both of them.

  • amber

    hahaha, aoki a black version of paris hilton.
    i don’t like posers.

  • Anonymous

    These girls seems like very bossy spoiled brats. They act just like their mother – and that is not a good thing!

  • Anonymous

    Aoki is so obnoxious. I cannot stand when kids act like that.

    She already thinks she is better than everyone else. She is constantly posing for the cameras – she is not a cute child!

    • Anonymous

      It’s a kid having fun. How psychologically damaged are you to project your own feelings of insecurity/childhood rejection and tear down a child. At that age kids are just finding out who they are and they act in different ways.
      Please Get help.

      • Anonymous

        No. I agree with the other poster. Aoki is spoiled rotten to the core. Her mother and father need to teach her the important things in life. Which is beauty from the inside. Yes she is pretty on the outside, but her attitude and her behavior makes her ugly. I think that is what the poster is trying to say when he/she says she’s not a cute child.

        Ming looks like she’s beautiful on the inside as well as out.

  • Anonymous

    Blame Kimora she teaches them to behave this way. She is also a bossy diva mom.

  • Jane

    I do not think that it is just kids having fun.

    These little girls are very bossy, selfish and bratty. This behavior is not cute at all. They are little divas already.

    They are just like their obnoxious mother!

  • antigoniem

    I love how everyone who posted refers to BOTH of the girls as being bossy and obnoxious. IMHO Aoki is the only one who seems bossy and obnoxious, Ming seems very shy and reserved, especially on the show. The girls are polar opposites. I don’t know where she gets that from because everyone in the Simmons family seems very outspoken and outgoing, and even Kimora and her mother seem VERY VERY outgoing. So when you post a comment, be specific.

  • Anonymous

    There is a huge difference between being outgoing and obnoxious.

    Kimora and Aoki are obnoxious!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to have 10 minutes alone with that little girl and I would set her straight! Spoiled brat.

  • Anonymous

    I think the people commenting so vehemently about whether or now little Aoki is ‘obnoxious’ are psycho. Time for you to get a grip.

  • Lioness

    I always see comments about how bossy and spoiled the Simmons’ girls are, and I never understand it. I’ve watched the show, and I think the girls act very average, and are usually pretty well-behaved. Yeah, they’re a little spoiled, but don’t seem any more so to me than some of the crazy brats I see in the mall on any given day. Yes, Aoki seems to like the spotlight and is more outwardly expressive in general than Ming, but I honestly have never seen any behavior from either of these girls that would make me qualify them as “obnoxious”. I mean ever. Why do people always project their insecurities on celeb children, especially these two? What- should Aoki repress herself, would that make all of you feel better?? I don’t get it.

    Ming looks like she’s having a bad day, poor mama :-). Both girls are beautiful, though, and I absolutely LOVE Julie’s dress, it’s fantastic!! Russell sure does have a thing for models, lol.

  • coco

    Shes just a kid having fun. You dumb asses dont have nothing better else to do but talk about this little girl whos obviously enjoying herself, posing. Alot of children are outgoing and have siblings that are shy duh.

  • Anonymous

    russell… you have too many women around your children. Aoki is young so shes cool with it but the eldest daughter need some stability she needs a womanly figure…. some stability in a woman…. every photo russel with a different chick…. that wouldve been fine if you were a young parent with young kids but you have daughters who are growing into women… if they see you having women in and out of theyre lives… more than likely theyre gonna except men who do the same thing or be women who can not stay in monogamous relationships

  • Anonymous

    aoki is a child she only does what she sees in her enviornment…. both of her parents are entrepenuers that call the shots… if they were entrepenuers who were shy and passive people would run over them so that what she see so she mimicks her parents…. nothings wrong with a child being like their parent if theyre parents have never harmed anyone…. to me shes not spoiled…. honestly, Im more worried about a shy child rather than a child that is aggresive and tells you whats on their mind

  • Anonymous

    Aoki and Ming Lee are both beautiful people, and so is their mother. Aoki is not obnoxious at all, she is an outgoing young child.

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