Kelly Rutherford’s Custody Battle Comes To A Close

Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford‘s intense custody battle with estranged husband Daniel Giersch has finally been settled. reports that Kelly and Daniel will share joint custody of their two children, Hermes, 2, and 2-month-old baby Helena.

Kelly, who filed for divorce when she was just three months pregnant with Helena, and Daniel will relocate from California to New York while she films her hit CW show. From July 30 to April 5, she will live in New York City while Daniel will stay in the Hamptons.

Court documents also state that both parties will be attending co-parenting counseling sessions.

When asked if she and her ex could have an amicable relationship, Kelly, 40, told reporters: “I don’t see it.”

In a recent interview with Life & Style, Kelly divulged that she doesn’t believe she needs a man in order to raise her children well: “A lot of great men, presidents even, were raised [only] by their mother under those conditions. The most important thing is that the children have love and stability in their lives, whether that comes from a mother or a father. [Alone], I can raise them to be much more peaceful.”

Kelly and Daniel were married for two years before the split.

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  • cat vomit

    not a flattering dress

  • Sanja

    Was all the drama and mud slinging really necessary!? Isn’t joint custody a logical thing when both parents want to stay in their child’s life and could have been agreed months ago. It could have spared them a lot of hassle, not to mention some nasty headlines their kids will be able to read later on:-(

  • Shirilicious

    Kelly really hasn’t learned anything, has she? If you’re going to co-parenting counselling sessions, how can you then tell reporters that you “don’t see it [an amicable relationship]”? Shouldn’t she just for the love and sake of her children try to do everything to get along with the children’s father? How is this going to work if you have such a negative attitude?
    I can already see her being one of those women who constantly take a dig at her ex-husband in front of the children. Sigh.

  • Janie

    So sick of this woman! Blah, blah, blah! Who cares?

    She is so immature! Why is she sharing her private information with the world? Her ex-husband should be so glad he is rid of her!

  • Anonymous

    She is definitely going to be the type of mother who is constantly bad mouthing the kids’ father in front of them.

    She is an idiot! I have no respect for this woman! People get divorced every day – deal with it!

  • milla

    wow you ppl are rude! just shut the f up! you ppl have no idea who she is as a person, stop acting so know-it-all like your better than her or something!

  • Anonymous

    Was she attending a function to raise money to purchase bras for needy women?

  • Anonymous

    Talk about airing your dirty laundry! She has a big mouth! Has she ever heard of keeping certain topics private? I feel sorry for her kids!

    • milla

      your arrogant, nobodys perfect.

      • Anonymous

        if nobody’s perfect (by the way, there is an apostraphe in there), then why expect some random commenter to be perfect?

        Also, it’s “you’re.” BUT NOBODY IS PERFECT.

        btw, I’m not the original anonymous poster.

        • Heidi


  • Anonymous

    She looks terrible in this picture. Put a bra on!

  • Ava

    Can you imagine what it will be like for her future daughter-in-law? I shudder to think.
    Anon at 11:27am

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t believe she needs a man to help raise her children. She can raise them to be more peaceful.

    Well honey, these children do have a father and he has joint custody so he will be helping to raise them. You can help to keep things more “peaceful” if you stop blabbing everything about your personal life to the media!

  • Anonymous

    Rumor had it she was the last person to realize her husband was gay, and did not take it at all well. I have a certain sympathy for her, if that’s the case. It may be that she’s over the shock now and so she’s trying to do what’s best for the kids.


    i laugh at whoever makes correcting grammatical mistakes part of their defensive argument. pathetic.

  • Nicky

    Why everyone hate kelly family the family perfect

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