Camila Alves & Her Malibu Munchkin

It was a playground playdate yesterday for Camila Alves and her 13-month-old son Levi, who were spotted enjoying the sun at a Malibu park.

Expectant mom Camila showed off her growing baby bump in a black strapless summer dress. She looks great!

The 28-year-old Brazilian beauty and her boyfriend Matthew McConaughey are expecting their second child this fall.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. sheila

    Levi looks so sweet! And look at him standing all by himself! He seems to have a mild case of strabismus though, or at least it looks that way on these pictures. If that’s the case, hopefully they’re treating it with an eye patch or in another way.

  2. Anonymous

    Ahh, he’s so cute and little.

  3. Anonymous

    He is too cute for words : ) I think they’ll have another boy.

  4. Romeo Blue

    I don’t see anything cute about this kid. He’s ok.

  5. Lola

    I agree with Romeo Blue… He’s ok looking. Nothing “cute”… He looks just like every other kid. I don’t understand why people fawn over Hollywood kids… I mean ALL kids are special in their own way. There’s nothing “extra” special about celebrities and their kids. It’s all media and websites who glorify them for being who they were born unto… I wish this habit would stop… All children are special

  6. sam

    I agree with Lola. I hate when people gush over celebrity kids such as Shiloh and Suri. All kids are indeed special!! But on the bright side, I see more and more of Matthew in little Levi’s expressions!

  7. What the....

    I totally agree with Lola. People seem to think that because they’re children of “stars” that that makes them automatically cute – well it’s not true. They are all special but not all cute.

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