Infanta Leonor & Infanta Sofia: Spain’s Sailing Sweethearts

Spain’s Crown Princess Letizia, along with her husband, Prince Felipe, and daughters, Infanta Leonor, 3 1/2, and Infanta Sofia, 2, were seen enjoying a sailing race in Palma.

The family was spotted earlier this week posing for the cameras at Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral.

Letizia has been included in Vanity Fair’s 70th annual International Best Dressed List issue which is set to hit newsstands August 11.

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Photo credit: Splash


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  1. Anonymous

    These girls are precious. One can only wonder what their parents are in store for during their teenage years and beyond! But they do look like they are well-behaved so far.

  2. cat vomit

    i love their looks they are so cute

  3. These are such adorable dresses!!! Wish moms liked to dress their kids like this over here!

  4. anne

    @ Anon. 10:47pm… Srsly! We Americans don’t seem to know (or care) how to dress for ‘occasions’ – even school concerts, graduations, etc. On one hand, few of us sew anymore or have had the good fortune to marry royalty — on the other hand, affordable attractive clothing isn’t all that hard to find.

  5. anne

    Letizia certainly deserves her VF listing, but I swear … if I see these three female royals all matchy again, I’m petitioning VF to replace her with Queen Rania of Jordan! 😉

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