Roger Federer’s Traveling Entourage

Roger Federer’s twin daughters Charlene and Myla seem destined to be world travelers – the 2-week-old girls already have stamps on their passports! First stop for the girls was Montreal, where their dad is competing in next week’s Rogers Cup.

“I was obviously only going to do this if everything was safe and good,” the new dad told Canadian newspaper The Globe & Mail earlier this week. “Mirka went through a check yesterday. The babies have been at the hospital for 10 days, and everything is perfect. So we’re doing it. Big family. Big trip. On the bandwagon. I’m really excited to see how we’re going to manage it.”

Also along for the ride is a baby nurse for the newborns, though the tennis champ says his wife Mirka isn’t letting her do much work!

“Mirka is really hands-on. It’s great to have the help, but I think it’s all been working well since we came home for three or four days. Mirka doesn’t mind getting up in the night, doesn’t mind feeding the babies at whatever time, changing the nappies. For her, if she can’t do it, it’s like she’s missing out on something.”

Charlene and Myla are the first kids for Roger and Mirka, who tied the knot in April.

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  • Sage

    Congrats to them both, what a blessing. On a nother note…. The baby Mirka is holding has some really long toes.

  • Shirilious

    Seems like his wife is doing all the work, while he just continues to play tennis … and drag them all along.

  • Anonymous

    according to the NY times the twins are identical!

  • Rach

    If my baby daddy looked like that in a gray t shirt, and made millions like that, and stared at my daughters like that…I sure as heck would be content “doing all the work” which apparently is something along the lines of letting him drag me all over the world with a nanny and my beautiful new babies. 🙂


    Roger is always number 1 in my book. Been watching since he first set foot on the court. Naturally curly hair,( redhead) The kiddies are gorgeous, so is wife. Match made in heaven. Looking foward to meeting him someday. #1 fan.

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