Darren Brass: “Everything I Do Is For My Sweet Baby Boy”

Darren Brass, acclaimed tattoo artist and co-creator of the funky fashion line for tots, Ruthless & Toothless, sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to discuss his love of fatherhood and tattoo artistry. The 37-year-old star of TLC’s reality show, Miami Ink, and his wife Talea are proud parents of 1 1/2-year-old son Cassius (‘Cash’). In this open discussion, Darren provides advice for tattoo hopefuls and adds how he plans to deal with Cash’s desire to get tattooed just like daddy.

You are dad to 1-year-old son, Cassius. How has fatherhood changed you?

“Obviously, fatherhood has changed my perspective on life in general in a huge way. Everything Iʼm doing now is in consideration of that sweet baby boy and being the best
role model I can possibly be.”

Tell us about your children’s clothing line “Ruthless & Toothless.” How did it come about? What is the inspiration behind it?

“When we started R&T, we had one thing in mind: That was something fresh, something
new and exciting that was inspired by creativity, art and the want for something better
for the next generation. Something that would inspire both parent and child.”

You star in the popular reality TV show, Miami Ink. Tell us about how you started with this show that celebrates the art of tattoos?

“We were blessed with the opportunity to do a show like Miami Ink that would show the diversity of people and their ideas in a field of art that was regarded as taboo for years; where again our art would inspire people of all ages and walks of life.”

What do you think about people who don’t have tattoos? What is your advice to people who ‘aren’t sure’ if they want one?

“Some people like tattoos, some don’t, it doesn’t affect me either way. If someone isn’t
sure of what they want tattooed, then they aren’t ready to get tattooed. You have to
remember it is there for the rest of your life. Don’t do anything you feel you may regret
later in life, be sure of your decision.”

You received your first tattoo at the age of 18. How many do you have now? And how do you feel about Cassius getting tattoos in his future? Any rules for him?

“At 37 years old, I’ve got about 80% of my body tattooed. As far as my children getting
tattooed, when Cash is ready, I hope he will make a responsible decision. I believe
thatʼs partly up to Talea and me as parents to raise a smart, responsible and forward-
thinking young man.”

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    At 37 years old, I’ve got about 80% of my body tattooed.

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