Britney Spears & Her Buzz Cut Boys

Britney Spears was spotted at the Los Angeles Ritz-Carlton hotel on Monday (August 17) enjoying another day by the pool with her two sons, Sean Preston, 4 next month, and Jayden James, 3 next month. The blonde brothers were sporting their matching buzz cuts.

Sean and Jayden’s older half-siblings, Kori and Kaleb, were recently spotted with their dad Kevin Federline and his new girlfriend Victoria Prince.

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Photo credit: Splash / Flynet

  • marina

    other day sean’s hair was brown

  • Jlauren

    Why is that child sucking on a [pink] pacifier? And why is their hair like 19 different shades of blonde & brown?? On one hand, they’re so young they still need pacifiers and on the other, they’re apparently old enough to dye their hair. I don’t understand….

  • melanie1983

    hey i don’t think Kori and Kaleb are their STEP sibs…

  • Jenny

    Oh yah…mommy brain! I’ll change that – thanks Melanie1983!

  • Natalie

    I don’t think the fact that Jayden’s dummy is pink makes much of a difference.
    With regards to the hair…they could both possibly have a condition in which hair patches are different colours…(think of women who have the grey flick). I very much doubt it has been cosmestically changed [by Britney] as they obviously had such beautiful hair before (which I loved!)

  • java-mommie

    (*long sigh*) pink…. paci….

  • Anonymous

    It does look like they had their hair dyed, it is very patchy. Looks like the colour didn’t take properly and they decided to shave it. They had such beautiful hair before it was cut but hey, each to their own! Britney looks in great shape.

  • Lioness

    I love the buzz cut on the boys, i found their old hairstyles a bit trite- and though buzzcuts aren’t that inspired either, I think it suits them, you can see their cute faces! But I think they definitely dyed their hair, it was never that blonde and/or patchy before, not even Jayden’s. Kinda weird.

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