Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Stella wears a Sweet Dream Tees Love Bug White Onesie – $80

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  • Deborah

    i am so happy to share this!
    i am so happy to also pass on a special price, if you phone me at 778-773-6594!!
    i can customize your baby’s name in crystals on all tees.
    lots of love, deborah

  • Anonymous

    i wish i had the money to spend $80 on a onesie my baby will grow out of in two seconds and throw up all over when he actually is wearing it! lol i’m not being sarcastic– i think it’s really beautiful, i just wish i had that kind of money!!!

    not a fan of tori or her husband at all, but i think stella is a beautiful little girl!

  • ivy

    i dont agree anon…..i dont wish i could spend $80 on a onesie that probably cost 50c to make!

  • Wow $80 for a onsie.

  • Deborah

    as per my comment….just phone me….and we all will be happy!

  • Audrey

    $80 for a onesie. Everyone can spend their money as they wish, but $80 for a onesie seems like poor fiscal stewardship.

    And a cute kid like this would look good in anything, including a $10 onesie.

  • Ann26

    I agree Audrey!

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