Jude Law & His Tennis Trio

Jude Law was seen taking his three children Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8 ½, and Rudy, 6 ½, (baseball cap) for a tennis lesson in London on Wednesday (August 19). Clutching a checkbook, the 36-year-old father-of-three looked to have a serious case of ‘bedhead’ as he unloaded his kids from the car. Mom is Jude’s ex-wife Sadie Frost.

The actor will become a father again in October when model Samantha Burke, who he had a brief liason with in New York, gives birth to their child, a girl Samantha has named Sophia. Burke has claimed she is “no gold-digger” despite rumors that she wants $8,850 a month in child support payments from Law once the baby is born.

“I can’t tell you how far from a gold-digger I am. I’ve never dated a rich man in my life. I’ve always wondered how girl friends of mine could even ask their boyfriends to buy them clothes,” the 24-year-old aspiring actress wrote on her blog.

The Sherlock Holmes star, known for his womanizing ways, has vowed to stand by the baby, with Burke’s spokesperson stating, “Jude has been responsive and supportive through the relationship and pregnancy and he will remain so as a father once baby Sophia is born.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • sheryl

    I my gosh…there’s that word again….”womanizing”….you people need to get your head out of, I don’t know, the dark ages, maybe? If he’s a “womanizer,” then what are the women called who he dates? Since when is dating “womanizing?” If women can’t handle going on a date with a man without thinking they’ll get married next week, then they need to stay home with mommy and daddy. Jude isn’t any more of a womanizer for dating than any other woman or man. My gosh. We don’t even know how MUCH he dates, because he has been busy working in Hamlet, you know. But I guess talking about his so-called “womanizing” and not about what a good Hamlet he is, what a great devoted father he is, and the good in him, is much more titillating for a site devoted to….um….babies and kids? yeah. And I’m sick of hearing about Samantha. They’ve both asked for privacy on this matter, but everybody’s bent on making it everybody’s business.

  • Janie

    This guy is an idiot. First he and he wife have problems, then he cheats on Sienna Miller with his kids’ nannie. Now this.

    He IS a womanizer!

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