Brooke Burke Gets Ready For Back To School

Brooke Burke – mother of Neriah, 9, Sierra, 7, Heaven, 2, and Shaya, 17 months – shares some advice for getting the kids back-to-school ready. The 37-year-old mother of four describes how she is winding down from the fun of summer and preparing the children for a school routine on her blog:

“Another weekend over! Why is it the last few weeks of summer fly by? Many moms are celebrating the end, for me, it’s a much more hectic time once school starts. I’m trying to squeeze in one more fun outing for the kids before we get back into auto mode. I feel like the kids are so scheduled during the school year that we have very little down time.

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The question is what is enough and how much is too much? How do you know what activities are right for your child. I just made a deal with Neriah that if she commits to learning French with me this year, she could take dance. I like to involve the kids in one creative activity during the school year and one day of homework club. There is just too much action going on in our house for them to get as much work done as they can in school. Last year I let my big girls try a variety of activities to see what they responded too. Truth is, they have about a 2 wk attention span and then lose interest. So I make them finish whichever session they chose and if they don’t like it, they don’t have to sign up again. Once school starts, I feel like there is never enough family time. Many parents are at their wits end by the end of summer and ready to get back into the school groove. I actually love the summer and want to ring out every last day.

Once school starts, I put on my driving hat and get prepared to spend a LOT of my day in the car driving everyone to different places. I miss our mellow mornings at home, sleeping in, and breakfasts together. When school is in, it’s a much more organized, efficient schedule in our home.

I feel like this is more like an article than a blog, but I know how stressful this transition is for many of my mommy friends. Here are a few things that I do to make it a bit smoother:

I start getting everyone to bed a bit earlier to prepare for the school bedtime schedule. I set new rules that come with rewards and consequences for following them. Like getting up to their own alarm clock, getting ready and being in the breakfast chair by 7:30. That makes it MUCH less stressful to get out the door on time. The night before, my girls lay out their clothes, they decide what they want for breakfast the night before and I set the breakfast table then. I definitely start the bedtime routine ½ hr earlier than our goal so we have time to read, catch up, and cuddle. I also make a snack drawer full of smart, healthy snacks that the kids can pull from so they can get involved in packing their own lunches. I let them make other choices from pre set options so they can look forward to a lunch that they like. I know that eating healthy and getting enough sleep is essential to happy attentive kids, ALWAYS!”

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