Guess Who Revealed: Anne Heche & Atlas!

This was a tough one! Anne Heche smiled as she went through security with her 5-month-old son Atlas at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Tuesday (August 25).

Atlas’ father is Heche’s Men in Trees co-star James Tupper. The 40-year-old Six Days Seven Nights star is also mom to 7-year-old son Homer, whom she had with ex-husband Coley Laffoon.

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  1. anonymous

    Is it Naomi Watts and Samuel Kai? he’s adorable anyway!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Could it be Jennifer Meyer Maguire and their new baby Otis?

  3. Anonymous

    Naomi Watts & Samuel Kai ?

  4. Solène

    I’d say it’s Naomi and Kai too, that’s what I thought as soon as I saw the pic.

  5. Anonymous

    I say to chubby and older then the Maguire baby and Anne Heche’s hair is longer then that.
    I say Naomi and Kai as well.

  6. Monique924

    Naomi Watts and her little boy, Samuel Kai.

  7. Audrey's Mom

    too young to be naomi watts and samuel, since sam is almost 1 i believe….i think its jen meyer and her son otis

  8. laine

    i say naomi watts. i’ve never seen jen meyer wear a baseball cap.

  9. Anonymous

    Anne Heche and Atlas.. i know the guy that took the picture

  10. Hannah

    It’s Naomi Watts and son Kai.

  11. Peta

    Wow, this one was tricky! Only two posters got it right.

  12. melanie1983

    i just saw her rant about her ex on lettermen. haha hilarious!

  13. Anonymous

    Her rant was funny but so uncalled for and unclassy. That’s her sons FATHER! How will her son feel when he reads that someday?

  14. melanie1983

    well he DID take her only child at the time away from her…

  15. Anonymous

    That is because she went and had a episode..that landed her in the hospital.
    I am sure that now that she is unemployed and that her ex has a full time job
    away from entertainment industry..she probably feels that has to admit to
    herself that her first born son is better with daddy…!!

  16. Anonymous

    Her ex husband is a real estate agent in California.. so her son has the best
    going for him.. It sounds like repeat episode of Letterman that is what it has
    been all week long.

  17. Anonymous

    melanie…with good reason! If she couldn’t be a mother to him then he should be with his father!

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