Kendra Wilkinson’s Baby Bump Photo Shoot

Philadelphia Eagles football wide receiver Hank Baskett, 26, posed with his expectant wife, Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson, at their East Coast home for a pregnancy photo shoot. The 24-year-old reality TV star posted this message on her Web site accompanying the baby bump pictures:

“The other day Hank and I did a preg photo shoot at our new east coast home and I wanted to share a few behind-the-scenes pics with all of u! Being pregnant has been such an amazing and exciting experience for both of us and we wanted to have these photos as a reminder of this incredible time in our lives 🙂 Can u guys believe how much my belly has grown??? I feel like it was just yesterday that it was a teeny tiny bump lololol. I hope u enjoy the pics and as soon as we have the final images I’ll be sure to post them. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!!!!! I love the pic of Hank and I on the stairs…it makes me smile every time I look at it!!!”

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  1. Rinoa

    She looks so cute pregnant!

  2. Janie

    Can this woman stay out of the media for one day? She is a nobody!

  3. Anonymous

    I’m with Janie. I’m starting to think this might be Heidi Montag wearing a disguise because this woman just won’t miss a media opportunity. What’s funny is she said the pregnancy was supposed to be private …whatever that means.

  4. Lola

    It’s a shame that a respectable site like this, dedicated to celebrity parents and their children, would EVER post anything about a little girl like Kendra. She is not a celebrity and she is not a woman or anyone for that matter. She is a little girl who’s known for sleeping with a man old enough to be her great great grandfather, and getting paid for it. That’s it. Yet, you post about her like she’s made any sort of difference in anyone’s life or in her own life for that matter.
    Such a shame you do this to get people to view your site.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow, to Janie and Lola. You both are ignorant. She isn’t a NOBODY, & if she was; why the hell are you commenting on this? She’s so funny! And Lola, not every celebrity has made a difference in someone’s life. Angeline Jolie may have helped hundreds of children, but she sure as hell did not help me in any way. Kendra actually has a brain under all of this, just like Paris Hilton, they are both SOMEBODY’S. Maybe you’re a nobody as well, yeah?

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