Dean & Liam McDermott’s Father-Son Outing

Liam McDermott enjoyed a morning out with daddy today in Malibu. The 2-year-old – wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Made In Los Angeles” – seemed to keep his dad Dean entertained as they headed back to the car after stopping off at Ralph’s and Starbucks.

Dean’s wife Tori Spelling recently revealed that Liam’s little sister Stella, 14 months, is “talking up a storm” these days:

Everything’s ‘mine’ now. It’s ‘mine, mine, mine.’ That’s the new thing. Before, she was too young, so she gave [Liam] whatever. Now she pulls back and says ‘mine’ when he’s pulling away a toy.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Ann26

    What an awesome Dad! Tori got lucky with him.

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