Top 8 Celebrity Breastfeeding Stories

TV Guide put together their top 8 favorite breastfeeding stories from the stars. The famous moms include Kendra Wilkinson, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, Gwen Stefani, Mary-Louise Parker, Kate Beckinsale, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Salma Hayek. Check out why these celebs deserve a spot in the top eight.

8. Kendra Wilkinson’s Leaky Boob
We just discovered that expectant moms Kourtney Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson want to breastfeed despite implants. Before discussing this option with her doctor, Kendra found herself seeped in what she thought was breast milk. “I was so scared that I wasn’t going to be able to nurse that when I saw stuff come out of my nipples the other day, I was like, ‘I can breastfeed?’ And I asked my doctor, who said, ‘That’s fine, but it’s not milk yet!'” The Playboy playmate caught her first glimpse of colostrum (premilk).

7. Angelina Jolie Breastfeeds on Cover of W
W magazine’s November 2008 issue celebrated art — namely Brad Pitt‘s photographs of his gorgeous family. His black-and-white shot of Jolie feeding one of their twins with the baby’s tiny fingers graced the cover of W. It’s a serene, natural and relaxed shot that reaffirms Angelina’s breathtaking beauty.

6. Naomi Watts’ Lactose Lobotomy
Despite new-mom fatigue and ‘mommy brain’, Naomi Watts was still able to do some math and coin a new breastfeeding term: “I’m busy milking all day long,” she told David Letterman. “I feel like I have probably lost a good 75 percent of my brain power. … I say it halved itself and it halved itself again. It’s not just the sleep deprivation, it is the breastfeeding and I call it the ‘lactose lobotomy.'”

5. Gwen Stefani’s Lopsided Experience
Gwen Stefani taught us that botched boob jobs aren’t the only things that can leave your breasts oddly shaped. Nothing like walking around uneven for hours if your baby isn’t hungy! “I’m like totally lopsided right now, because he only wanted to have one little bit,” Stefani said when breastfeeding her then-6-month-old son, Kingston.

4. Mary-Louise Parker’s Golden Globes
Eighteen days after giving birth to her son, Mary-Louise Parker strutted up on stage to receive her Golden Globe for Angels in America and then declared: “Janel Moloney just told me she would pay me $1,000 if I thanked my newborn son for making my boobs look so good in this dress.”

3. Kate Beckinsale’s Secret Talent
The 36-year-old Pearl Harbor star boasted one of her “many useless talents” to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show three years ago: long-distance milk squirting. Stating that her breastfeeding days are long over (daughter Lily was then 7), Beckinsale shared her talent with her engorged breasts. “Breastfeeding is like, you call up a pizza and if you call it up a lot, like 27 pizzas arrive. And that’s what I was like. I could hit the wall from quite a distance.”

2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd and the Art of Pumping

Breastfeeding is always a hot topic on The View. After Hasselbeck gave birth to her second child Taylor, she and co-panelist Sherri Shepherd demonstrated the effects of a breast pump. “It sucks your nipples out to there!” Shepherd explained, pointing. Hasselbeck then rolled up index cards on her breasts, only to have Shepherd pumping into coffee mugs… which Hasselbeck then delivered to an audience member.

1. Salma Hayek’s Humanitarian Mission
Sharing is caring, and that’s what Hayek wants to teach her adorable daughter, Valentina. The Fools Rush In star nursed a malnourished baby boy during a humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone. “I actually think that my baby would be very proud to be able to share her milk,” the 42-year-old mother of one said. “When she grows up, I’m going to make sure that she continues to be a generous, caring person, and I think that’s the best thing I can give her as a mother.”

Do you have a great breastfeeding story to share?

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