Reese Witherspoon To The Rescue

Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon recently came to the aid of a frazzled mom in need.

When the mom in front of her in the line at Whole Foods in LA realized she’d forgotten her money at home, the Legally Blonde star jumped in to help her out.

“Reese knows that kids make you lose your mind. When she spotted a harried mom who had forgotten her wallet she picked up the tab,” says a source. “The woman was so flustered and embarrassed. But Reese said she would gladly take care of the $70 bill and no apology was necessary. She told the mom, ‘I understand, I have kids too!'”

Reese, who has kids Ava, 9 1/2, and Deacon, 5 1/2, with her ex Ryan Phillippe, is seen here out and about this weekend with her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Photo credit: Splash News


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  1. kris

    That was really great of her to do..not all stars are that kind! Even with all they have.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh brother – she makes 20 million a movie so this is no big deal! IF she was a normal non-millionare person it would be different. I wonder who told this little tidbit of info to be shared amongst the hundreds of people who even noticed this

  3. Katrina

    lol it doesnt matter how much she makes, shes not obligated to give anyone her money. It’s nice that she did it, because its compassion, people nitpick things to death.

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