Guess Who Revealed: Seraphina Affleck!

Our readers are too smart! Majority of you guessed that this adorable tot is none other than Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, who turns 8 months on Sunday. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s youngest daughter was being worn by the nanny, who accompanied mom and big sister Violet, 3 1/2, catching a flight out of LAX on Tuesday (September 1).

Jennifer and Ashton Kutcher have been seen locking lips as they film scenes for the upcoming chick flick, Valentine’s Day, which also co-stars fellow celeb mom, Jessica Alba.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s Seraphina!

  • ivy

    matt damon’s youngest

  • Alyson

    Maybe Matt Damon’s newest daughter?

  • Anonymous

    I also think it’s Seraphina. Looks a lot like Violet.

  • Louise

    I agree! I think it’s Seraphina too!!

  • Anonymous

    seraphina at lax

  • kiwibird

    Maddie Briann?

  • Jolie

    Shes te super-hyper-adorable Seraphina Affleck! SOO CUTE

  • melanie1983

    SERAPHINA ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it is Seraphina Affleck.

  • amber

    hahahah too easy this one.

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck.

  • Sara

    That is so Seraphina Rose Affleck!!

  • Heather

    That is for sure Seraphina Affleck!!

  • Suzy

    Seraphina too!!!

  • yovana


  • Allegra

    Seraphina. She’s starting to look more like Violet. I remember seeing a photo of her from about a month or two ago and she looked like she had blue eyes and dusty brown hair. Anyway, what a sweetie!

  • Anonymous


  • Solène

    Seraphina, of course!

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina 🙂

  • Bex

    i think it’s seraphina rose,,, she’s the spit image of violet

  • Janie

    Seraphina – cutie!

  • Lari Ann

    I think it’s Seraphina Affleck.

  • Marilyn

    It does look like Seraphina, but I’ve never seen Jennifer and Ben using a nanny so that makes me wonder if it’s someone else.

  • NannyVal

    I think it is Matt Damon’s daughter

  • kris

    She’s cute whoever she is..but why wouldn’t Jen be holding her if it is Seraphina?? She usually does..

  • Anonymous

    Yes why is the nanny carrying her, while Jen is behind with two long empty arms. Strange

  • Anonymous

    Jen never holds Sera her favorite child is Violet…That nanny has been with Sera since she was born..Marilyn so what are you talking about.. No I am
    not being mean.. just telling you Kris that Jen has the nanny be with Sera all
    of the time.. She is starting to promote her movie with Ricky Gervis..and
    finish the movie Valentine with Ashton Kutcher…

  • Jacie

    why is it that celebrities can’t hold their own children? us mere mortal mothers have the ability to do so. just wondering.
    seraphina is adorable though.

  • Anonymous

    Us mere mortal mothers don’t have a pack of paparazzi hounds fighting each other to get pics of our children like with the celebs’ kids.

    Jen carries her own babies 99% of the time. It must be nice to have a nanny she can trust with the safekeeping of her child(ren) at times like this. It is hard enough to get through airport security with a toddler and infant even without the presence of the photogs who are only interested in getting photos.

    Vi and Sera are beautiful babies. Cutie patooties both of them.

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