Chris Robinson & Girlfriend: Baby On The Way!?

It looks like Ryder is about to be a big brother! Chris Robinson was spotted holding hands with (we can only assume) his pregnant girlfriend in NYC on Thursday (September 3). We didn’t know the 42-year-old musician was expecting another child!

Robinson is father to 5 1/2-year-old Ryder with his ex-wife, Kate Hudson. After nearly six years of marriage, the Almost Famous star announced their separation in 2006.

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  1. Natazz

    That is in fact Chris’ girlfriend. They have been together since March of ’08. It’s funny, I saw her the other day hanging around the stage area at one of the Crowes’ shows. Didn’t even notice her belly. That’s so wonderful for them. Good for Chris!!!!

  2. lilkunta

    ” After nearly six years of marriage, the Almost Famous star announced their separation in 2006. ”

    So they still havent divorced?

  3. Natazz

    They’ve been divorced since October of 2007.

  4. Anonymous

    What about his brother Rich Robinson and his new wife? No scoop about him? Do they have sons or daughters?

  5. Natazz

    Rich just got married during the Crowes’ tour break, in June. No kids for them yet, but as you probably know, Rich as 2 sons with his ex wife. Taylor and Quinn.

  6. Anonymous

    Rich is married to that model right?

  7. Anonymous

    Natazz, could you please tell “the world” what is the name of Rich’s new wife, please! On myspace it’s written that he is still divorced (not sure that it’s his real myspace profile). It’s true that he wears a ring after June, but you should tell us something more. Emma Nadine Snowball was his first wife (the model). Now who is the new one?

  8. Anonymous

    Rich is 100% married. Read what Steve Gorman says:

    This is one of his answers:

    SG: No, it’s a much different band these
    days, and I don’t know if there a whole
    lot of rock and roll bands left. That
    article was a time when we were living
    life to its fullest, if you will.
    That’s called being 29 years old, I
    guess. Now at 44 the last thing I have
    on my mind is to match somebody drink
    for drink, and where’s the next party?
    That’s so far removed from my life at
    this point. And I think everyone in the
    band feels that way. We still have a
    good time, but 4 of the guys in the band
    have kids, 4 of the guys are married.

    chris – not married
    luther – married
    steve – married
    sven – not married
    adam – married (probably)
    rich – married (100%)

  9. Anonymous

    I’m happy for Chris and his girlfriend and their coming child. He deserves it. I think he was done wrong by his second wife. As for Rich, I’m just envious.
    I’m very happily married and we have a beautiful daughter, but I’ve had a secret crush on him for 20 years. He’s incredibly good-looking!

  10. Anonymous

    Rich’s divorce, which was finalized in 2007, keeps getting nastier and nastier, I presume over lingering custody and child support issues. He’s been wearing a weird flower ring on his left hand, but I’d be surprised if he was dumb enough to jump into another marriage given the stuff he’s currently going through–look it up on the connecticut case lookup website. Motions for contempt, motion for a protective order, guardian ad litem appointed for his children, etc. Sad, and while Rich is handsome, you can see the toll it’s taken on his face and his waistline. Weird that he’s the brother with the chaotic personal life.

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