Guess Who Revealed: Ava Rhea Economopoulos!

It’s Ava Rhea Economopoulos! Canadian stand-up comedian and actress, Caroline Rhea, and her 10-month-old daughter Ava were spotted in NYC last Monday (August 31). Dad is Caroline’s partner, fellow comedian Costaki Economopulous.

The 45-year-old mother of one recently gave motherhood rave reviews:

I love it. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done. She’s the sweetest, loveliest … yeah. I guess I feel like somebody flipped a switch, and the whole world is in Technicolor now. It’s very exciting. I’m very sappy about it, but I adore her. I’m so into momminess.”

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  • Tazina

    It’s Ava Econonopolous.

  • Anonymous

    Ava Rhea Economopoulos

  • ivy

    what an unfortunate last name

    • Anonymous

      There’s nothing wrong with her last name. It’s a Greek name.

  • Andrea

    You guys are so right!!!

  • Emily

    Caroline Rhea’s little girl Ava. Another baby site already posted these photos.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely agree with you.
    It’s Ava Economopoulos!

  • Anonymous

    Ava Rhea Economopoulos

  • milla

    lol wow this site is slow haha, its caroline rheas` daughter ava.

  • Hannah

    Tori Spelling’s daughter Stella McDermott.

  • hannah

    Stella McDermott

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