Nicole Sullivan On The Joys & Worries Of Motherhood

Just before she welcomed her second son Beckett Edward last week, a very pregnant Nicole Sullivan took time out to talk motherhood with Cookie magazine. The Rita Rocks star gives a glimpse into her life at home with her husband Jason Packham and new big brother Dashel, 2, from date nights to pancake Saturdays to her very guilty pleasure (hint: it’s one many of us share!)

On what cracks her up about her son: “That he looks just like me and acts just like my husband. There’s good and bad to both those things.”

On her favorite family ritual: “My son and I have a date night every Thursday at a local restaurant. We eat pasta and laugh.”

On her most frazzled mommy moments: “Every day when I’m getting him dressed and trying to convince him to wear something other than his Lakers jersey. He’s obsessed.”

On her mommy worries: “My son’s severe peanut allergy. It keeps me awake at night. I think about different ways I can send him to school in the future with a cool holster for his EpiPen. I’m just constantly thinking about ways to keep him safe.”

On a typical Saturday in their family home: “Daddy and Dash make pancakes as we all dance to hip-hop in the kitchen. And they laugh at Mommy because she’s very pregnant and looks silly dancing.”

On her guiltiest pleasure: “Reading the gossip magazines as I let my son play with my iPhone. I know it’s not the best parenting. But I gots to read about my Jessica Simpson!”

On her ideal vacation: “I can’t talk about it right now. I’ll start to cry. Because I know I’m not going anywhere for the next three years. Certainly nowhere ideal.”

On coddle vs cry-it-out: “Coddle when he’s hurt, but let him cry at night.”

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