Antonio & Stella Banderas Out & About In Hollywood

Antonio Banderas and his 12-year-old daughter Stella were spotted on their way to Barnes & Nobles bookstore in Hollywood yesterday.

The Zoro star has shot down rumors of a rift between he and his wife of 13 years Melanie Griffith, who recently re-entered rehab, telling Extra!, “She’s doing fantastic and very little of what is being published is true. I am not going away.”

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Photo credit: Zodiac / Splash News


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Is it just me or are kids growing up so fast these days? Not saying Stella’s clothes are inappropriate or anything, but development-wise, I don’t remember my school mates in 6th or 7th grade being so developed. Lourdes Leon is also very “mature” in that way and the youngest Kardashians are only 12/13 years old.

Maybe I just have a bad memory! LOL


She is about to turn 13 in a few days. She’s almost a month older than Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, but I think Lourdes might be taller and leaner so I suppose she looks a little older. Although both seem mature, it’s not uncommon for around 13.


I agree with the first comment! I wasn’t as developed at 13, nor do I remember my friends ever were either! I guess it depends on the height.. and Melanie is a tall women so that explains a lot lol!


stella is beautiful